Resist Works Both Ways

As the Labor Day Weekend approaches, we’ll get the kids off to school and reacquaint ourselves with life beyond our own back yards. The first family has given all of us a vacation from them, and with all due respect, it’s a relief. Having expressed himself about the Mosque Resisters prior to signing off, he leaves the world focused on how America goes about resolving the differences between those whose feelings must be respected and those whose “rights” demand same. We all learned during the 2008 Primaries that even when the numbers are there to support the rights, a little “heavy” on the feelings side of the scale can plunge it into dips and lurches that threaten the Balance. 18 million Primary Voters couldn’t stop the “know better politicians” from self-righteously judging their own Voters, calling them racists.

I keep recalling the way Senators Byrd & Rockerfeller stepped all over Hillary Clinton’s Primary Victory with the middle finger to their constituents as their immediate response to their Senate Colleague of eight years whose husband’s Administration put them on the map, with an endorsement of her opponent, a freshman. When the VOTERS of Kentucky delivered the same message to the DNC, the party HEAVYWEIGHTS came out and stomped out the voters’ fire with an endorsement of John Edwards for the “raised by Muslim fathers, educated in Muslim Jakarta, One” and we know how that played out.

The racist name-calling abuses the feelings of those victims’ families who rightfully resist the construction of a mighty Bird in the air around Ground Zero. The Middle Finger to America, not the Eagle rising above it, is proposed, and folks – rightfully – resist. The Black Caucus & Progressives hijacked the Democratic Party with ruthlessness and cynical “ends justify the means” behavior. It leaves a bad taste. Muslims want us to simply forget the be-headings, stoning as punishment for living free, all the horrific deeds done in the name of religion gone berserk. An impatient, selfish, agenda-driven bogus collective calling themselves “leaders,” are intent on raising the flag of our enemies over the ashes of our lost American innocence. It is an oxymoron for politicians to judge their own Voters, to call them haters.

Forgive us for recognizing self-serving politicians for what they are. While the poser lives it up in Martha’s Vineyard, the jobs we’ve been losing at a record pace since his election are ignored by the race-baiting, holier than thou finger-pointers. He made all kinds of promises to get our hopes up. We helped him along by permitting the Democrats to control all three branches of Government PLUS the Fourth Estate. We continue to give him every possible chance to prove his sincerity, integrity, competence. Yet we also await DELIVERY. No promise kept, we get only rationalizing for the flip on every major point… and a lecture on how Un-American it is to complain.

Americans – however driven to “hateful” outbursts, must be forgiven for rejecting the Democrats and their BO – as unworthy of yet another chance to take them to the cleaners. Get a real job. Get YOUR ass kicked, lose YOUR house, YOU suffer disrespectful accusations that you’re un-American!

And when you’re gloating over misleading foolish college kids and inner city blacks into electing you based on HOPE, the rest of us will get back to reality. Kick the Hope and discover that Change means doing as you promised and if it’s ok for YOU to resist every attempt by decent people to stand up for themselves, it’s also OK for Decent People to tell you and your miserable excuses for leaders to take the hike you heretofore thought only applied to our taxes.

What the Mosque Resisters have learned is that no matter how Civilized their behavior might be, the President PLAYS on their integrity right up to the moment he goes HEAVYWEIGHT on them and becomes the thug from Chicago we always rejected. Preach, Preach, … yeah, yeah. Talk to the butt you can kiss, pal. We’ve seen this routine and know your M.O. Preach, Preach, bully, intimidate, “Inspire” us with lofty rhetoric, then crap on us with a maneuver that ignores our input and feathers your own nest. If we don’t get in the game and shove back, we’ll get our civil asses kicked again, and have to eat the sight of that Mosque until somebody blows it up. Save the baloney for somebody who doesn’t know you, your cronies, your Taliban Lite Progressive Push-Backers.


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  1. Perfect- absolutely perfect. I don’t think you missed a single point! boy do you have this cat’s number!

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