Lois Herr, Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District – Another Woman Steps Up

Make Herrs Ours, increase the % of Representation

Lois Herr For Congress

Susan Stoltsfus, Janet Spleen, Sally Lyall, Lancaster   Maria Sweet, Center  Donna Cohen, Jack Beiler

Honoring CBK

Check out Lois and follow her campaign at http://www.herr2010.com. With about ten days to go before the 2010 General Election campaign gets serious, Herr is closing on the 7 term incumbent, Joe Pitts (R). http://www.herr2010.com/news_10-06-02_poll.html. We hope Lois will be a voice for Women of her district and look forward to working with her. At the dinner honoring late Lt. Governor, Catherine Baker Knoll, the women of the State Committee who joined Jack Beiler and myself included Susan Stoltzfus, Sally Lyall, Janet Spleen (Lancaster County) Maria Sweet (Centre), and Donna S Cohen. No obnoxious, high pressure ‘progressive’ agenda push, just nice ladies observing social niceties and passing out business cards. Maybe we can get Lois to visit with us on Blog Talk Radio to learn about her encounter with the political realities of her bid to become a Congress Woman:) I love the line I read on UppityWoman2008 today: “Lots of voters can see November from their houses!”


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