Confusion about Obama’s religion? I can’t imagine why!

By: JeanBee

It’s astounding to me how lacking in consistency the mosque proponents are. They insist that 70% of Americans are bigots and “islamophobes”, but when polls indicate voters’ confusion about Obama’s religion THEY’RE the ones who are shocked speechless before they recover enough to rush to proclaim “but he’s a Christian — how could everyone not know that?”


Well — for example:

— his referring to “my Muslim faith” (it’s on tape somewhere).


— his dedicating NASA — NASA!!! — to Islamic outreach as its highest priority (god save us all, I am not making this up).


— his reducing Muslim women’s rights to a question of whether western societies will “allow” them to wear the hijab (and, presumably, burkhas), when the real question is, will western societies protect Muslim women and girls who DON’T want to be “covered” from their male relatives who will kill them if they dare go uncovered.


— the fact that he can’t speak a word of Spanish or French or even cogent English without a teleprompter, but can recite passages from the Koran by heart and with a perfect accent.


— his bowing — deeply — to the Saudi King, which breaks a convention all presidents have honored since George Washington’s pronouncement that no American citizen, let alone the president, should ever bow to royalty or any foreign leader.


And on, and on, and on.


I don’t care what religion this president or any president follows. I just want this one GONE! before he does any more damage to our people, our economy, our standing in the world, or anything else.


I hope he stays on perpetual vacation until Hillary or Sarah takes his place and can start getting things back on track again. Even in this horrid economic climate, things just seem a little brighter when he’s not actively screwing things up.


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