Reduce abortions and make adoption easier

BettyJean Kling

While we are aborting our own babies because we have a right to our own bodies many American families are desperate to buy a baby. They want a child so badly they are turning to this! Turning poor women into incubators for cesarean section births after keeping them isolated for the entire pregnancy. These girls are used, some die, for the almighty dollar. When will women and children stop being hot commodities and start being human beings? Imagine surrogacy tourism? What other ways will they find to use and abuse women in this world and what other ways can we unite to stop it?

INDIA LEGALIZED surrogacy in 2002 as part of a long-term push to promote medical tourism. Since 1991, when the country’s new free-market policies took effect, private money has flowed in, fueling construction of world-class hospitals that cater to foreigners. Surrogacy tourism has grown steadily here as word gets around that babies can be incubated at a low price and without government red tape.

Think again America, if you find yourself pregnant- can’t you find it in your heart to at least consider to carry your child a few mere months and give her a loving home right here in the USA? Loving American families are ready, willing and able to help you have your baby and give it up to a loving home. Please consider fighting to make adoption easier right here so we can cut down on abortions. Far too many families have to resort to going other countries to adopt—they wait for years- they want the child you can’t raise.
Remember more than half of our aborted babies are future American women.

Inside India’s Rent-A-Womb Business

Gestational dormitories. Quintuple embryo implants. Brave New World? Nope, surrogacy tourism.

By Scott Carney~ Mother Jones on Thu. April 8, 2010 3:00 AM PDT

FROM ITS POCKMARKED EXTERIOR WALLS and stark interior, you’d never guess that the pink three-story building tucked in a narrow alley a few blocks from the train station in the fast-growing city of Anand houses India’s most successful surrogate childbirth business. But this is the place they raved about on Oprah. Nowadays, thanks to the endorsement of daytime TV’s leading lady, the Akanksha Infertility Clinic fertilizes eggs, implants and incubates embryos, and finally delivers contract babies at a rate of nearly one a week.

Read the entire article here:


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