Sonoma County Asthma Coalition—a smokescreen for SMART GROWTH?!

Why is this important? Because it’s a seemingly innocuous group, with a ‘positive’ healthy message, that is actually a Smart Growth lobbying group. The group includes Michael Allen–Democratic Candidate for 7th Assembly District (California), under investigation for serious conflict of interest charges, and the Accountable Development Coalition, a communitarian group that demands payments from developers for not obstructing projects, and which inserts itself into the government process to crowd out actual community voices. The Sonoma County Asthma Coalition actually pressures for zoning changes, general plan development, and redevelopment to implement smart growth/sustainable development. This is UN Agenda 21 at work in a local community.
Some of the issues they lobby for:
Using code enforcement (with police powers) to change from complaint-driven code enforcement to pro-active mandatory annual inspections of housing units
Advocating for the SCEIP program (Sonoma County Energy Independence), a boondoggle which has had a tremendously negative impact on the potential for refinancing all properties in Sonoma County (pop. 500,000)
Requiring mandatory ‘green building’ standards for Sonoma County. Smoke-free housing ordinances or nuisance laws giving tenants affected by secondhand smoke legal recourse.
The American Lung Association of California is a proponent of ‘smart growth’ and co-sponsored the New Partners for Smart Growth conference in Florida. People have no idea that some of the so-called ‘neighborhood leaders’ dictating smart growth are paid lobbyists.

Do you have a branch in your community? Have you taken a look at your local Lung Association? The following link takes you to the Sonoma County Asthma Coalition “Planning Healthy Communities” page.

And, since you were wondering what the larger context is for this, take a look at the sponsors of a New Partners for Smart Growth conference—the purpose of which is to extol the virtues of sustainable Agenda 21 development. You’ll find the National Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, the National League of City Managers, Fannie Mae, the US Defense Department, the EPA, Bank of America, the US Department of Transportation…it goes on.


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