Is Wanting to Marry the One You Love a Crime?

by Phyllis Chesler
Pajamas Media

Excerpt: Is Stoning the Proper Punishment?

Even the New York Times got it right and put the news on their front page. The Afghan Taliban is back in business, and they just ordered two hundred men to stone two human beings to death for the crime of loving each other and wanting to marry. The all-male mob happily obliged them and included the couple’s closest relatives and neighbors.

Amazingly, the Newspaper of Record does not use the word “Muslim.” They refer to “religious authorities,” “a religious court,” and to “religious scholars,” but they name no religion. Is it Buddhism, perhaps, which once flourished widely in Afghanistan? Or, is the unnamed religion paganism, perchance? Alexander the Great for example was a proud pagan, and he cut through Afghanistan on his way to India, leaving shamanistic and pagan practices in his wake. The Sassanids, who once also ruled in Afghanistan, were Zoroastrians.

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