15 Men Arrested in Undercover Child Sex Sting in Florida

By Lisa Thompson

The story below reports on the arrest of 15 men in central Florida on charges related to their attempts to have sex with a 14-year-old child. I strongly encourage you to follow the link and view the arrest photos of the men. They are haunting images to say the least. As much as we may harbor feelings or rage or even hatred toward such men, please remember that they were once innocent little boys themselves. Somewhere along the line someone or something corrupted their hearts and minds.

I have a strong feeling that a major component of that “something” was pornography. Pornography grooms young boys and men to become offenders. Exposure to pornography is linked to such things as: believing a rape victim enjoys rape, more using physical coercion to have sex, more sexual attraction to children, etc.

Look at the eyes of these offenders; look at their faces. . . imagine one of these faces belonging to your husband, son, brother, father, boyfriend. It’s high time we started fighting back against the tide of pornography. See: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/july072010/porn-politics.php and http://www.pornharms.com/ to join the battle.



P.S. Don’t miss the craigslist connection.

15 Men Arrested in Undercover Child Sex Sting in Florida

Fifteen men allegedly looking to have sex with underage girls were arrested in an undercover sting in Florida over the weekend, law enforcement authorities said.

The suspects were arrested between Thursday and Sunday and charged with traveling to meet a minor for sex or related crimes, during an extensive undercover operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, along with state and federal officials.

Police said 12 of the 15 suspects responded to ads authorities posted on Craigslist that shared the common theme “mom or dad seeking guidance for my daughter” for girls between 10 and 14 years old. The other three used chat rooms.

After the suspects answered the ads, they engaged undercover detectives in e-mails, instant messages and telephone calls, during which time the detectives told the suspects to come to an undercover location in Polk County, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

“These men expressed specific desires to prey upon who they believed were innocent children,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Monday at a news conference.

One of the suspects, Brandon Cashen, 31, asked a detective if she had a daughter younger than the one advertised, and when she said she had an 8-year-old, expressed a desire to have sex with the younger daughter, the sheriff’s office said.

“Some of the men even sent pornographic images of themselves to the detectives and made very specific requests about what they wanted these children to do to them,” Judd said.

When the suspects arrived at the undercover location, they were met not by children wearing lingerie, but by undercover agents in vests, who placed the men under arrest.

“It’s still a shock to me …when we have a predator show up with condoms in one hand and candy bars in the other hand,” Judd said at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Judd said one of the agents was shocked to discover that a suspect, 33-year-old Tommy Dupre, had been his son’s former baseball coach. . . .

For the full story see: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/08/16/arrested-undercover-child-sex-sting-florida/?test=latestnews


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