The Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

BettyJean Kling

You simply must read this article from which I give you only three paragraphs. This indeed is the year of the people and this author clearly points out how the politicians clearly think the people are brain dead and how indeed we have been for a few decades! But suddenly… well please read his full piece and give him you comments!

The usual rush to the exits from a sinking administration is now ongoing. The only difference this cycle is that –  whereas in the case of the Bush departed who, we were lectured, were rightfully bitter that their genius was not appreciated (e.g., Paul O’Neil, Richard Clarke, Scott McClellan, etc) by the Bush Neanderthals, and were men of conscience who were “blowing the whistle” — we are now told by the New York Times that the Obama parachutists are burned out and “exhausted,” from “blackberrying” all day long!

Obama himself is not the Obama of 2008 when all America’s problems were declared coterminous with twangy George Bush, and executive governance was defined at sitting at a Senate hearing table in front of blaring cameras and pontificating before squirming witnesses. (Obama, Biden, and Hillary sitting in judgment of Petraeus [who in just three years would now offer them a life-raft for the moment] was one of the more bizarre moments of the last twenty years.)

In reviewing how the once mighty have fallen hard, I am not being partisan here. The Gingrich Republicans, likewise drunk on praise and power, imploded in 1996. After 2002, the new

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