Royal Mecca Clock Tower built to supplant the observatory in Greenwich.

By: BettyJean Story contributed by Barbara

So we are all going on Allah time now? Mecca is the center of the universe so why not control time. This proposal is unbelievable. The Muslim world seeks to impose itself on the entire world and Obama just today threw support behind building Mosque @ Ground Zero saying every religion has a right to worship as they please.


And so they do, that’s the point POTUS! True religions do, but not this cult that wishes to impose itself on the world in any and every way possible. The audacity of hope president and the audacity of fundamentally change the world cult seem to be on the same path and it is up to We The People to find our own audacity to fundamentally kick their sorry selfish asses right the hell back to whatever 7th century rock they all crawled out from under and see that they take their followers and leaders with them.


Thanks but no thanks – we will stick with Greenwich time and continue to pray where and when and if and to whom we want!


Giant clock symbolizes religion’s expansionist aspirations


In a severe case of clock envy, Saudi Arabia has erected a nearly 2,000-foot-high timepiece intended to stake a symbolic claim for Mecca as the world’s center. Islamic scholars have proposed that the Royal Mecca Clock Tower supplant the observatory in Greenwich, England, to set the new global standard time. It is the latest form of Muslim global outreach – taking control of time itself.

The Mecca clock is as much propaganda as it is a timepiece. Its purpose is to proselytize. “In the name of Allah” is written in Arabic on the clock face, and tens of thousands of green and white lights will flash five times a day to remind people when to pray.

The explicitly sectarian nature of the project does not contradict its scientific basis, according to Muslim scholars. The global switch to Mecca time was proposed in 2008 during an Islamic conference in Qatar. Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy hosted a panel called “Mecca, the Centre of the Earth, Theory and Practice,” in which he claimed that Mecca’s perfect alignment with magnetic north made it the ideal scientific choice. This is not true, but in Islamic thought, all scientific inquiry is subordinate to the truth revealed in the Koran and the sayings and life of Muhammad. If Islam’s prophet said Mecca is the center of the universe, it must be so. If observable facts contradict this claim, they must be reconciled or ignored. Failing that, just build the largest clock in the world and let the nonbelievers deal with it.

Time zones are admittedly arbitrary, but they are required by modern travel and technology. The Greenwich convention is a leftover from the British Empire, which had a vital interest in time zones because it spanned the globe. The United States at first resisted the notion that Greenwich should be the prime meridian, and Pierre L’Enfant envisioned it set at the U.S. Capitol. In 1793, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson established a meridian running through the White House and up 16th Street (hence Meridian Hill Park in the Columbia Heights neighborhood). In 1850, Congress declared “the meridian of the [Naval] observatory at Washington shall be adopted and used as the American meridian for all astronomical purposes and … the meridian of Greenwich shall be adopted for all nautical purposes.” By the early 20th century, the United States gave up on the quixotic notion that the world revolved around Washington and adopted Greenwich time.

It is easy to dismiss Mecca Mean Time as a stunt, especially in the days when official time is set by atomic clocks and reminders to pray can be sent by text message, but it is another example of the ways in which the Muslim world seeks to impose a new global orthodoxy. In the clash of civilizations, nothing is off-limits. Another, more serious example is the proposal from the Organization of the Islamic Conference that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the fundamental agreements in international law, be supplanted in Muslim-majority countries by Shariah law. In other words, the organization rejects the notion that universal human rights exist – at least, not as the rest of the world has defined them.

As the world grows more open, as humanity becomes more interconnected, the orthodox defenders of the Muslim religion are finding more ways to separate themselves and divide the world into competing camps. Those in the Obama administration infected with the mania for “outreach” to Islam have to come to grips with the fact that Muslim leaders do not want what the West has to offer and are doing everything in their power to segregate themselves and the people they rule. For them it will always be Mecca time.


4 Responses

  1. Bloomberg sees only the Dollar Signs the construction will bring the City. We have learned by now that Obama means exactly the opposite of what he says, is intent upon actually doing the very thing he rails against.

    Bare knuckle, Chicago Style Politics and Bully Pulpit Preaching. YOUR satisfaction ain’t his goal. He’s playing to the guys with the big dicks who are determined to subjugate the universe to basketball players. What’s WRONG with us for not getting in LINE? Remember? Enforced Unity 102.

  2. This clock really had me they want to control
    time…a clock with Allahs name on it. Holy crap
    What the hell will they think of next to really piss us
    off? Maybe they’ll want to build a mosque at ground zerr
    and the Imam will travel on US taxpayer dollars
    to raise money and Obama will be in favor of it all.
    NO…that is just outrageous, they’ll stick to clock making
    Its half past Allahs ass,

  3. So Obama goes against nearly 70 % of Americans?
    He really must not want to be re elected.
    Is he more afraid of Islam than the American people?
    NY papers ripped him a new one today!!

  4. Read it yourself and sometimes stars of Islam is no less No one told me
    This is a call from me to all the West, Islam and admitted to God that the right
    The time I hope to fall on the head of King Abdullah

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