Rachael Madcow: The crackpot calling the kettle black

By: BettyJean Kling

I don’t even know where to start with this one. While looking for some video of Sharon Angle and her views on Social Security, I ran across this! ‘Meet The Latest Crazy Republican Senatorial Candidate, Sharron Angle’ YouTube video.

After Madcow got done trying to make Sharon Angle look crazy, I found myself thinking, hmmm this Angle woman isn’t as daft as I’ve been led to believe but this reporter is as nutty as a fruitcake and has no clue how absolutely insane and foolish she sounds!

While Angle would not be my first pick – Harry would not even be my last pick. Further, as a Jr. senator how much trouble can she cause in 6 years compared to the benefit she offers by replacing the corrupt ‘give em hell’ Harry who never overlooked an arm to twist or missed a bribe, or found something he couldn’t spend our money on, particularly on bullshit the majority of the nation didn’t want to buy!

Thanks to Madcow, however, I have discovered Ms. Angle is onto the UN and probably knows about Agenda21, that alone has won me over – she just became my new heroine! Yes – hell yes – get out of the UN. Anyone with a half a brain should be screaming for us to get out of the UN. Do a bit of reading and you might think so too! Or take the word of Madcow who for some unknown reason thinks the UN and global governance, sustainable development and a world bank etc. etc. is a great idea. I would take her word over the UN’s actual own words for most anything now — after all she is a credible news source! http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/res_agenda21_02.shtml

But wait- OH MY GOD! You will never believe what Madcow found out next! Realy really really! Madcow found out that Angel once said “I simply do not like fluoride.” Then she also found out that the John Birch society doesn’t like fluoride either and that is not all — there’s more. These Birchies have been against fluoride in our drinking water since the 60’s and these guys she found at the same convention she and Angle were at didn’t admit it to her!!! Dah dah dah dah!

Let’s see there is a cause and effect here somewhere – some logic – I am sure I will figure it out…. Well maybe I am not as smart as Madcow – can you help me figure out if 1, and if 2, then 3 must mean…

  1. If–In the 60’s JB society was against fluoride and they are at this convention and just lied to Madcow about being against fluoride
  2. And If– Sharon Angle is at the same convention and in 1999 she said “I simply do not like fluoride.
  3. Then–

Anyway – Madcow put together a 6 minute video, she devoted the first three minutes to the John Birch, fluoride cover-up and then brilliantly tied Sharon Angle’s 1999 comment , all 6 words “I simply do not like fluoride” to these Birchies attending a common function 12 years later!

And Madcow proves yet again there is a female out there that can out do a man at the top of his game! She obviously is a bigger moron than Keith Obamaman or has he gone back to being Keith Olbermann now that the dew has worn off the roses.

Is there no low that these lefties will not sink to in order to brainwash their lemmings? And the brainless followers who buy this bunk hook line and sinker- what about them – have they no common sense at all?

Oh wait – that’s right – they got kicked in the teeth and still vote Democratic- they elected this empty suit didn’t they? Whiners – what about me all the day long while they have their hands in everyone else’s pocket. Don’t tread on me but let’s tread on everyone else! Don’t tell me what to do but let me tell you what you are going to do!

Look I don’t like either side- but let’s at least act like adults – stay on topic – tell the truth and cut the crap! This isn’t journalism, it is bullshit, it is insulting and it sucks that so many Americans are falling for this and dumb as doorknobs have the right to vote! Two wings on the same vulture –are you all a bunch of spectators at a sport rooting for your own home team? Will you just eat, drink and be merry—ignorance is bliss.

Meanwhile America is going to hell in a hand basket! Can you not see what an idiot she is or what a fool she takes you for?


2 Responses

  1. Sharon Angle’s fundamentalist Christianity and kooky views have been well documented before the Madcow appeared on the scene. Dont trust her then do some research on Sharon Angle to find out why she is going to lose a race this November the republicans should have easily won.

  2. She may very well loose it because of her fundamentalist views and that would be a shame. As I mentioned– think how little she can actually aafect as a Jr. senator in 6 years compared to what this wacko Harry can continue to do as the leader by remaining as leader for 6?

    I don’t agree with Angle on much but Harry has to go and Angle is little 1 of 100 compared to Harry 1 of 100. think it over and then figure out if the electorate has enough sense to figure that out or not. You just may be surprised.
    After all after Bush look at what they elected just to spite the Republicans – an empty suit!

    I’ll tell you what meet me here after the election and we will laugh off which ever of us guessed right!

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