Religion of Peace:So where’s the outreach?


 “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them” ~Maya Angelou

 So the Religion of Peace has once again shown us who they really are by murdering a woman and her unborn child in the name of Allah.

This week they showed us a woman sentenced to be stoned to death, a girl with her nose and ears cut off and the flogging and 3 bullets to the head of a woman and her unborn child.

They have shown us there’s no respect for life in Islam. Yet, somehow we are told to keep believing Islam offers “Peaceful Contributions” to society. By the way can someone point to all these peaceful contributions to society? Where do they reach out to others- without a butcher knife that is? Where are they giving money or food and clothing to the poor of other religions? Where are their charities located? Where are all these cultural centers where all religions can come and meet together? Where is all this so-called outreach? The only thing I have ever seen them reach out for is the life of the infidel!

In Arabic it is called Taquiyya it is the act of lying cheating deceiving for the good of Allah.

Anyone who speaks of Islams “Peaceful contributions” is following the Islamic law of Taquiyya. And Anyone who believes the Taquiyya speaking  “Peaceful” rather than  what is shown is, I believe the English word for it is…a Fool.

In yet another example of show us who you really are is the murders of the 10 who volunteered to travel into the bowels of the earth to bring aid to their citizens. The Taliban who had just got done sawing off a girls nose and ears and murdering a pregnant woman believed these 10 were preaching against acts like this.

So they massacred them.

 Yet in NY we are asked to tolerate a Mosque built on sacred ground. In NY we are asked to tolerate a group of Muslims who stand on a corner near ground zero and preach Jihad, they are protected by the We the peoples first Amendment and the NYPD all of which Islam wants to destroy.

 Why should we be asked to tolerate this barbaric behavior?  It makes a mockery out of our beliefs as a nation.

Why should we be asked to tolerate and be sensitive to Islam when Islam has shown us how in tolerate they are. Sorry we should be demanding Islam be sensitive to the families of those murdered on 911.

Imam Rauf has stated that he believes “shariah law is compatible with the US constitution” that statement should of generated a lot of yelling by not only our lawmakers but by women’s groups. Where was all the noise to laws that sentence women to death for having been raped being compared to the US constitution?

NOW NY needs to demand the mosque building Imam Rauf denounce publicly Shariah law. He should then denounce the abuse of women by Islam.

Yep, stand up and say the stoning, be heading, acid throwing, nose and ear cutting off, genital mutilation, flogging and any other abuse of women is barbaric and will not be tolerated in Islam.

He needs to apologize to the US for having even thought of building a Mosque Memorial in NYC. He needs to correct his statement “some say Muslims are responsible for 911” to Muslims were indeed responsible for 911 because the Qur’an commands it.

 Then he needs take his Taquiyya ass and go jump in the East River while women throw stones at him.


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