I’m movin’ to Picayune…

I just read a newspaper article on-line that made me sit up and grin. Picture this: small town, supervisors’ meeting, 90 folks in attendance, consultant standing at the front making his pitch and delivering what the supervisors have paid him a small town fortune to come up with. Smart Growth. And guess what?
Those folks won’t have it. Their comments surprised me. They have done their homework and they learned about UN Agenda 21 and THEY DON’T WANT IT.

Take a look:


3 Responses

  1. Heheheheh- these folks understand exactly what this is all about and yet or should i say in spite of public outrage – Lumpkin said there would probably not be any more public hearings and that the report would be put into a final draft for supervisors to consider.

    Consider this!!

    Comments by opponents of the plan here on Monday night ranged from “a communist socialist manifesto plot,” charged resident Larry Waggoner, to Jeff Smith of Picayune, who said his research revealed to him the “Smart Growth” idea, or planning process, emanated from a proposal from the United Nations that President Clinton adopted through a presidential order.

    He said he believes the implementation of a plan is “unconstitutional.”

    Carbo told the group that he understood that the term “Smart Growth” might have been the wrong way to designate the study, but he added that the study he is now conducting is attempting to incorporate what supervisors and the people of Pearl River Co. want.

    Hmmmmmm sounds more like the same old same old Democratic bullshit we been hearing since Obama took office like – “we have to pass it before you know what’s in the bill” and “the more you hear about it the more you will like it!”

    Well bull shit- the more I hear about it the more I realize that I was right when I joined Hands Across America fighting against NAFTA and GATT and when I joined Ross Perot against Bill Clinton and I can still hear that Fucking giant sucking sound Perot warned us about.

    Picayune Patriots Way to go!

  2. Ok, I agree, BUT don’t forget it was the Republicans who pushed through a bill of over 1,000 pages, the Patriot Act, before the Dems could read it, and that took a bunch of our rights away. And the Homeland Security Act, thousands of pages—Republicans forced it through without Dems being able to read it first. Police power expansions.

    The point is that it’s not Dems v. Repubs but just more restrictions on our citizens imposed by power. Parties are just a ruse to confuse and divide us.

    Now they’re using gay marriage to divide us. Every time there’s an election cycle they drop the gay marriage bomb. Who cares if gay people get married? Why would you let that occupy all of your time and focus instead of the more important issues that REALLY affect you?
    Read up on UN Agenda 21.

    • Oh – I will never forget what the Republicans did – hell that is what got us in this damned mess.
      Like I have always said – Republicans and Democrats are two wings on the same Vulture!

      Rosa you are my new best friend- why? because you get it! While they keep us busy fighting over this bullshit they are changing our world!

      Patriot Act my ass- Put in “The Patriot Plan: Voter Imposed Term Limits ” Vote em out – vote em all out!

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