Help Wanted: IMAGINE -Empowering Women to Unite & Mobilize !

By: BettyJean Kling

Chat Room Producer needed for TMU Blog Talk radio show Monday and Wednesday nights.

No experience needed. Just login to the chat room and keep the conversation going, keep guests engaged on the topic being discussed and encourage chatters to call in with questions or comments.

Must be a patriot, non partisan, dedicated to the cause, have integrity and be friendly!

We don’t focus on single or divisive issues – there is a bigger picture out there. For single and divisive issues there are plenty single issue groups, we are about empowering women to unite on those things which unite us – those things on which we can all agree on, those things which can elevate us all and those things which are NON DIVISIVE:

IMAGINE -Empowering Women to Unite & Mobilize !
1- End of Violence Against Women/Children.
2- Equality, Opportunity/Justice for All
3- Representative Government

Free US Now:


6 Responses

  1. Hi.

    Im a little confused with your points 1 & 2. If you really are claiming justice and equal oppurtunity for all, then you need to also say in point 1 that you want to stop all violence towards men / women and children.

    Current research in Canada, America, UK and Australia is showing that males make up 40% of DV victims within hetrosexual relationships.

    Abuse is not a gender issue, its an issue of broken humanity struggling for identity.

    • This site is dedicated to women and our politics- the majority united. that is my goal. My concern with DV is about how it affects women in particular. If I wanted to worry about men’s equaity I would have recruited you to cover it since you have the facts so readily available.
      But I think I will stick with issues I know more about and let you stick with the ones you know more about- sounds like a good idea to me!
      Thanks for your input!

  2. (((BJK))))

    Whew—craig, are you on the wrong site—

    Just like the DV the jackass suffered, just before
    he “beheaded his wife” while his kids sat in the

    I’d agree with the DV stats, in Homosexual relationships——–not hetero——

    • Its 2:15 am I’m exhausted- I have no idea where the guy above and his stats came from or why he thinks I have to cover all DV but hopefully I was able to convey- I have a right to cover the part of it that interests me most.

      Does that sound selfish?

      Oh well !

      Stick around Michelina, I have a feeling I am going really like you!

    • I agree that fellow needs calling something worse… however for every case you can mention like this… I can find one with a female perp…such as the female abbatoir worker in Dubbo Australia who butchered, skinned and cooked her boyfriend and served him up to his family at the dinner table.

      As for the dv stats, you can read the link to a report done by the Canadian Health Department within hetro relationships which I posted in another reply on this thread.

  3. Hi Freemenow.

    I’m from Australia and come across your site through tag search. Its a subject I’m interested in. You can read my story here

    as well as here is a Department of Health document from Canada about research into DV within hetrosexual relationships that show 8% of women suffer dv and 7% of men do also.

    I have more research documents from America, UK and Australia if you want…but this will do for now.

    I understand that your primary goal is to work with women and children. I applaud this work and agree that women and children should be able to live a life free from fear.

    This is why it is important to recognise that women / wives / mothers / daughters can and are abusive. Research is showing within western countries that 72% of children who are killed by a parent are killed by the mother.

    Women who abuse their husbands or spouses, also abuse their children.

    Hence, by ignoring the facts about women who abuse, you actually hinder your work in preventing and helping those children who suffer from abusive mothers and also it prevents you from working with abusive women and helping them find help to deal with the issues that cause them to be abusive.

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