OUTRAGE! Our tax dollars pay for Rauf’s fund raising trip to Middle East!

By: Madeline Brooks

The story that I reported to you two days ago is now confirmed. 

Where is the separation of State Dep’t and Islam?  Now we have to pay for the cynical Muslim cleric who wants to mock us with a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero!  This truly is jizya, the humiliating tax levied on non-Muslims in order to support the continuing jihad against us! 
Let me spell it out:  Our hard earned tax dollars, in a very difficult economy, pay for a hostile entity to increase its ability to dominate and destroy us by creating a mega-mosque that will look down on the scene of our defeat at Ground Zero. 

Feds funding Ground Zero imam’s Mideast trip

By Geoff Earle in DC and Brenden Scott in Albany
Last Updated: 8:59 AM, August 10, 2010 – Posted: 3:19 AM, August 10, 2010

The imam behind a plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero is set to depart on a multi-country jaunt to the Middle East funded by the State Department — raising concerns that taxpayers may be helping him with the controversial project’s $100 million fund-raising goal.

Feisal Abdul Rauf is taking the publicly funded trip to foster “greater understanding” about Islam and Muslim communities in the United States, the State Department confirmed yesterday.

“He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, when asked about the journey, reportedly to include stops in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.

“I think we are in the process of arranging for him to travel as part of this program, and it is to foster a greater understanding about the region around the world among Muslim-majority communities,” he added.

Crowley said no fund-raising for the mosque and cultural center during the trip would be permitted. “That would not be something he could do as part of our program,” he said.

Abdul Rauf said funds for the center will come from Muslims and members of his congregation.

But a London-based Arabic-language newspaper that interviewed Abdul Rauf reported that he says he also will collect money from Muslim and Arab nations around the world — raising the possibility his goodwill mission could help him build contacts in oil-rich states.

“Does the State Department have any idea they are sending a guy to the Middle East who is going to be fund-raising perhaps among the very same people he will be meeting with?” asked Debra Burlingame, a 9/11 family member.

“We know he has a fund-raising association with Saudi Arabia,” Burlingame said, noting that the Saudis have contributed money to underwrite programs by the American Society for Muslim Advancement, a not-for-profit that Abdul Rauf runs with his wife and that is one of the sponsors of the Ground Zero mosque. “He’s going to the well, and how can they say they do or don’t know what he’s doing?”

Meanwhile, state regulators said the sale of an adjacent Con Ed building needed to complete the Ground Zero mosque — as disclosed by The Post on Sunday — might be subject to review after all, even as Mayor Bloomberg insisted the project has “nothing to do with Con Ed.”

Public Service Commission spokeswoman Anne Dalton said state law requires the agency to sign off on the “transfer or lease” of any property a utility owns within its franchise area.

The question is whether Con Ed satisfied that requirement nearly four decades ago, when it granted a 99-year lease on the former substation site at 49-51 Park Place.

Additional reporting by Tom Topousis and Sally Goldenberg

Fox news also covered this breaking story.  (H/T Joy)

8 Responses

  1. I have had it! Whatever it is that We the people abhor – it appears this administration funds with OUR damned money.
    If we do not flip this house in November BOTH houses in a way as to cripple this administration for the next two years there will be a revolution or civil war in this country . Mark my words!
    The people will not be mocked- there is no way that these people can win without cheating again to win- beware and get out every damned vote it is urgent to stop them dead in their tracks.
    Obviously this group is trying to destroy AMerica!

  2. This is outrageous! Do we, as Americans not have the right to say no more of this? Does anybody even listen? Obama has got to go, sooner rather than later, so the work can begin to rebuild our nation. I am so sick of my money paying for this kind of shit, not to mention their many vacations. Lord, help us all!!!

  3. “If he Ground Zero mosque project relies on Saudi
    money, the dessert monarchy will have pulled a perverse
    Twofor- funding the radical version of Islam that
    created Ground Zero, then funding the mosque that
    outraged the families of the victims”
    Rich Lowry NY Post

    I posted the State Dept funding of Imam Rauf’s
    Trip to the middle east. I can’t believe that we are
    That stupid, so something must be up.
    I also posted a Spanish newspaper article that says
    Michelle met while in Spain Saudi royals. So what’s
    Up with that? Fund Raising?

  4. remember 2010 get out there and vote obama out and anyone else in this president has destroyed our country and he is allowing the muslims to build a mosque in a place where our blood spilled i think we need to get back to our christian values and rid this country of all who oppose the west and christians,as an american i want my children to be raised in a christian country and the muslims who seem to hate everything the west stands for can go home we know they are jealous of us and what we have who would want to be a muslim and be controled by a corrupt system with no rights and where women are killed for having an affair or lashed we need to purge their kind out of our society let them all go back to where they say they like the life style of their country we do not want to ever live in an opressed place like iran or saudi arabia

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