We will not be silenced? So why can’t they hear you?

By: BettyJean Kling

Alisyn Camerota from FOX & Friends weekends started a series back in July she certainly has done her part to garner interest and voter outrage. This gal grabbed a tiger by the tail, she took on something no one else would touch , and what did she get for her efforts? We did the same damned thing we did during the primaries… we sat there like deer with our eyes in the headlights! What the hell is wrong with you people? This is totally beyond pathetic; you are leaving this brave soul out there naked- just as you did Hillary! Damned it – you deserve whatever the hell the DNC dishes out to ya! Too bad the rest of us have to live with it! You have one last chance to get off your asses and show her some support!

Alisyn sure tried, she wrote in her intro blog

FOX News Blogs » Alisyn in the Greenroom
July 11, 2010 3:33 AM Eastern
Sunday Morning
by Alisyn Camerota

Hi Everyone,
We have a great program today.  You’ll meet a documentary filmmaker who says she has evidence that the Obama campaign committed widespread voter fraud during the 2008 primary.  It’s alarming stuff that you’ll only see here.

FOX News Blogs » Alisyn in the Greenroom
July 25, 2010 7:52 AM Eastern
We Will Not Be Silenced 2008
by Alisyn Camerota

We’re continuing our coverage of the documentary, “We will not be silenced 2008,” today on our show. Visit www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com for more information from the director of the documentary, Gigi Gaston.

For the first three weeks she promised to stick with this story until she got to the bottom of it. Getting little or no viewer feedback or interest shown she just had Will Bower from Puma wrap it up this weekend.

Not because the story wasn’t good – or interesting. Not because we can’t prove fraud but I believe because not enough of us showed enough interest. I’ve looked at all the comments sent in – Where the hell were we- why didn’t we write in and thank her and Fox for taking this up?

Will Bower did an incredible job today, I suggest we flood FOX immediatey with thanks and urge them to dig deeper and help us  force the DNC to fix this. Alyson is probably wondering why her story is not getting any attention- so am I? So if we will not be silenced why is the silence so friggen deafening?

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  2. There is interest out there, but that does not mean it will always end up as feedback. One of my blogs is listed on one of “We Will not be Silenced” web pages.

    When I suddenly started getting hits on that long dormant blog, Fair-Reflection.com, I spent half a day figuring out how to redirect people to HillBuzz which was doing stories about We Will not Be Silenced and trying to get people to contact Fox and Greta.


    (notice the date on the article of July 11, 2010).

    Below are my daily hits for Fair-Reflection dot com. Notice the huge spike around the premier on Fox Television. The chart reads from bottom to top.

    Aug 6 2010, Fri 0 0 Not rated
    Aug 5 2010, Thu 0 0 Not rated
    Aug 4 2010, Wed 0 0 Not rated
    Aug 3 2010, Tue 3 2 6421
    Aug 2 2010, Mon 5 3 5710
    Aug 1 2010, Sun 15 13 2965
    Jul 31 2010, Sat 1 1 7984
    Jul 30 2010, Fri 0 0 Not rated
    Jul 29 2010, Thu 1 1 8374
    Jul 28 2010, Wed 5 2 6187
    Jul 27 2010, Tue 7 7 4454
    Jul 26 2010, Mon 12 8 4055
    Jul 25 2010, Sun 12 11 3210
    Jul 24 2010, Sat 6 5 4433
    Jul 23 2010, Fri 1 1 7388
    Jul 22 2010, Thu 3 3 5899
    Jul 21 2010, Wed 4 4 5465
    Jul 20 2010, Tue 5 4 5286
    Jul 19 2010, Mon 9 8 4108
    Jul 18 2010, Sun 10 10 3380
    Jul 17 2010, Sat 22 19 2256
    Jul 16 2010, Fri 13 9 3562
    Jul 15 2010, Thu 14 12 3296
    Jul 14 2010, Wed 14 11 3451
    Jul 13 2010, Tue 16 14 3121
    Jul 12 2010, Mon 102 83 982
    Jul 11 2010, Sun 240 196 399
    Jul 10 2010, Sat 2 2 6401
    Jul 9 2010, Fri 3 3 5860
    Jul 8 2010, Thu 7 6 4560
    Jul 7 2010, Wed 1 1 8301
    Jul 6 2010, Tue 1 1 7569
    Jul 5 2010, Mon 0 0 Not rated

  3. The first number after the day of the week is total hits, the number next to it is unique visitors.

    So on July 5th, 2010 Fair-Reflection had zero hits, on July ll, 2010, Fair-Reflection had 240 total hits and 196 unique visitors.

    Keep in mind that Fox Television should not be doing this type of expose because their viewers really don’t like the Clintons, or at best, “tolerate” them.

    MSNBC won’t do the story.

    So who does that leave?

    How About TV Land? http://dailypuma.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-tv-land-could-affect-2012.html

  4. My Caucus Cheating blog has also had renewed interest because of the “We Will not be Silenced” Fox News reports, and once again I tried to provide links to pertinent information both on my blogs and on HillBuzz as well.


    I did an overhaul of Caucus Cheating as well and I updated that blog on August 1, 2010 to try and send people to other pertinent links.

    By the way, I received a huge avalanche of hits after I did a special news bulletin article about the Chelsea Clinton wedding. The article I wrote encouraged people to check out the PUMA bloggers on the right side of Daily PUMA for Chelsea Clinton wedding updates.

    How many people bothered to check their blogs and their stats to see that DailyPUMA may have directed several dozen or more hits to each and every PUMA blog, totaling several hundred or maybe even a thousand hits overall as the several hundred googlers who arrived on DailyPUMA may have checked out more than one PUMA blog.


    I decided to stop writing an article every day or two for Daily PUMA and instead just try and write really important ones instead, even if they are only once a week. Yet I fear that many of the articles get ignored even as I try and keep up with the other blogs on DailyPUMA.

    To get hits, we must all give hits, unless you are the Confluence or No Quarter or Tennessee Guerilla Women…..

  5. here is some info on Donna Brazile that leaves me little doubt the the DNC was complicit in the voter fraud and intimidation ( as if the rules and bylaw committee meeating weren’t enough)

    • What is interesting is up until 2008 worked on every losing democratic candidate starting with Jesse Jackson back in the early mis 80’s.

      The only democratic candidate she did not work for was Bill Clinton, who won twice.

      This just adds narcissistic venom to her agenda of helping to stop Hillary Clinton in 2008.

  6. So has Glen Beck responded? Is he going to show the documentary and interview Gigi and Bettina?

  7. What about Sean Hannity. Why isnt he covering this? Why isnt Greta Van Susteren focusing on this. She claims to be a feminist.

    • Very good questions! I think we need to be asking them right about now to do just that! It is up to us to raise the level of interest – now is the time to do it as the election draws near. They are looking for us to start asking. Let’s start wring them every day – start a campaign- it will take more than just a few of us – the same few might I add.

      Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

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