Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction

Lee DeCovnick

Truth, even in the tightly controlled prison of the Obama media complex, occasionally bursts forth like a swordfish cavorting on the waves of a golden August afternoon.

Newsweek, the Washington Post’s former progressive stepchild, published an op-ed by Fareed Zakaria, the in-house lapdog for the Administration, extolling the virtues of building the Ground Zero Mosque. A couple of sentences demand a great deal more explanation.

“To that end, early in its tenure the Bush administration began a serious effort to seek out and support moderate Islam. Since then, Washington has funded mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers that are trying to modernize Islam around the world.

We should be encouraging groups like the one behind this project, not demonizing them. Were this mosque being built in a foreign city, chances are that the U.S. government would be funding it.”

Perhaps we all missed the memo where US taxpayers are gleefully funding Islamic “mosques, schools, institutes, and community centers” around the globe. Of course, US troops have restored hundreds of schools and community centers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but mosques and Islamic institutes? This seems very difficult to believe.

So, as an enraged and curious taxpaying citizen, I have a few questions for Mr. Zakaria, our Congress and this Administration. What are the locations, costs, and dates of construction of these US taxpayer-funded mosques and Islamic institutes?  If some of these mosques were built in the America, didn’t anyone contact the ACLU?  (I would pay real money to be in “the room” during that discussion.) What particular piece of Congressional legislation authorized US taxpayer dollars to be spent on these mosques and Islamic institutes? Did our government apportion these funds fairly and equally between the Shi’a, Sunni, and Sufi sects of Islam?

The Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” I’m damn sure spending US taxpayer dollars on constructing mosques was not envisioned by the Founding Fathers nor by the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

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  1. I would not be the least bit surprised if Obama has something to do with the funding of this mosque. He loves Islam, terrorists, etc. Hates tea party, Sarah Palin, patriotic Americans.

  2. Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction « Free Us ……

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  3. Interesting

    News Flash: Ground Zero Imam Heading to Saudi Arabia, UAE

    Courtesy of the U.S. State Department, Feisal Abdul Rauf will spend the rest of the summer on a swing through petro-dollar palaces.

  4. Look who else is meeting with Saudi Royals.

    A Spanish newspaper says Michelle Obama is meeting with Saudi and Qatari royals.

    “Several arab royal families spend their summers in Marbella for years now. So, there will be a meeting between Michelle Obama and Prince Salman bin Abdelaziz, governor of Ryadh and brother of deceased King Fahd of Saudi Arabia while there is word of a meeting between the First Lady and the owner of Malaga CF, multimillionaire son of the Minister of the Interior of Qatar and member of the Qatari royal family, Abdullah Al Thani.”

    It’s also been reported she may meet Jesse Jackson allegedly also on vacation, not to mention the numerous sheiks who spend the summer here.”

    Fund raising?

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