What is Islam doing with our textbooks?

Madeline Brooks

ACT national needs to know what Islam is doing with our textbooks.  Do you have children in school?  Do your neighbors, or relatives?  Please get back to me with any info you have got.  If you are near the Barnes & Noble bookstore on Fifth Avenue that sells textbooks, you could stop by there and give me a report.

The textbook analysis research team needs a copy of the specific editions of the following textbooks:

2008 – 2010 Prentice Hall World History books
2008 – 2010 McDougal Littell World History books
2008 – 2010 Glencoe World History books 

They are ramping up their textbook reform project through America Congress for Truth. The amount of interest revolving around this issue has escalated considerably in the last few months, primarily through efforts in Florida and California.

If you are aware of any textbooks or supplemental materials produced by Performance Education, a growing Internet supplier of textbooks and materials, which may be in use in our area, please let me know! Many of their materials are highly problematic.

The following subjects are the ones ACT needs information regarding Performance Education materials:

  • World History
  • US History and Government
  • World Regions (Geography)

Just tell me if you find copies of these books or materials being used in our area.

For Our Freedom,
Madeline Brooks

Chapter head of ACTforAmerica.org in Manhattan


3 Responses

  1. The Islamic infiltration goes very deep. Our top universties have been influenced by Saudi Wahhabist money for the last several decades. That money was used to promote ideas that downgraded America, making it seem hateful and intrinsically wrong. A moral vacuum was created and the door was left open for new, anti-American values to come in. What was taught, implicitly, is that Islam has no negavites and is better than other religions.

    Now that has seeped down into primary school textbooks, as was planned. Walid Phares has an excellent chapter on this in his book, Future Jihad. Also, Stephen Schwartz, who often writes in The Weekly Standard, covers this problem with textbooks

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