The Race Card / Devil Card


The Congressional Ethics Commission has determined that Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters have crossed a line of ethical standard for elected officers of the US House.  We continue to hear a ringing in our ears of the statements of Dan DeMarco, candidate for PA’s 40th Senatorial District who expressed dismay that his Republican opponent, Jane Claire Orie, scooted about on campaign business in the impressive SUV she drove as a taxpayer’s servant.  Her sister, Joan, likewise benefited from the taxpayers’ involuntary largess in last November’s Election Day efforts as the Senator, well-ensconced in her office, took just a bit more advantage than was reasonably fair to those interested in competitive elections. I have no problem with an incumbent’s staffer spending taxpayer resources to study, learn and know the principles of ethics by which we expect our elected officials to consider their choices.  Once that public servant has enjoyed two or more terms, this code of ethical guidance should be second nature to them!  Strengthened by their acquired authority on what is and may not be ethical, these re-elected incumbents posses the credentials by which they might rise to positions of leadership within their respective parties within their respective legislative bodies. 

Thus, when a Congressperson, who has served since 1991 (19 years in Waters’ case) or since 1971 (Rangel), it is our wish, as voters having invested our power to govern in these Representatives, that those who have been elected understand the consequences of each election!  We, the Voters, have, indeed, drawn a line!

You are no longer Rookies, Freshmen and Initiates.  You are, by virtue of your seniority, Leaders – of your House, your Party, your Districts.  It is a given that you should know and by your conduct, DEFINE ethics. 


No! Everybody does NOT do it! 

In my personal experience dealing with my own local Democratic politicians, they handle the political part of their existence with absolutely above-the-line proprieties.  I never brought up State Committee business on the phone with Catherine Baker Knoll’s office, Jason Altmire’s office, and Mark Longietti’s office – for messages as simple as needing to let them know that I had sent a State Committee document to them, that their aids didn’t first direct me to their campaign, business or personal office to continue the discussion.  Not a word of such business was entertained at the taxpayer’s expense, even for something as straightforward as a note of the fact that I was a fellow Democrat.  It’s not hard to achieve this responsible, respectable, CONFIDENCE INFUSING practice!

On the other hand, I personally witnessed PA’s 12th Legislative District Representative, Daryl Metcalfe, first inquire after the voting registration of a constituent at one of his town hall meetings before addressing a question about the certification of new voting machines.

Some of the least honorable men I have ever known, and by whom I have been most egregiously offended, routinely assert the “everybody does it” defense.  It has become the red flag in my face to alert me to the crime in progress.  Perhaps everybody YOU know does it; by articulating that fact, you are sending yourself back to the moldy, rotting piece of dead wood under which you hide.  Time for your exposure has, indeed, arrived.  The healing, curing light of day is upon you both.  It’s not about race:  it’s about enough is enough.


2 Responses

  1. It has been my experience that people who may have compromised their previously held standard of behavior find “more corrupt” people to which they can point their fingers.

  2. POLITICO Breaking News:

    A House ethics subcommittee investigating Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has found “substantial reason” to believe Waters violated ethics rules when she intervened on behalf of a bank in which her husband owned stock and was a former board member.

    For more information…

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