Leave and We’ll Kill You: Islam and Apostates in America

by Phyllis Chesler


Many battered women stay with their batterers because they have been warned that if they ever leave, turn to the police, or “tell” anyone what is really going on, their batterer will then be justified in killing them.

Cult members are routinely warned that if they break free and “tell” anyone about abusive cult practices, not only will they be shunned, stalked, and punished, but their relatives, including children, who are still prisoners of the cult, or true believers, will be punished too.

By now, many Westerners may believe this is true about batterers and about cults; but they will not believe that it is also true about fundamentalist Islam. Trained in favor of religious tolerance, concerned that if one religion is restricted that all religions might be; genuinely uninformed about non-western religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, etc., they assume that all religions are alike in terms of their virtues and that sinners of every religious persuasion exist despite—not because of–their religion.

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