Urgent: Racism and Voter Fraud? Let’s expose it!

BettyJean Kling

When I first read this email I was hesitant to reprint it. I cringed at the way it was written, the racist tones like; “They didn’t look like dope dealers, gun runners or pimps” , “Now, Yuba City is mainly mexican with a whole lot of illegals living and breeding there” the language made, made my skin crawl but I left the damned thing intact.

Why? Because as disgusting as the letter is – Being bigoted and illiterate does not negate voter fraud if it exists. The letter is obviously racist and it needs to be exposed and it may also expose voter fraud and black racism I know occurred in 2008 and may very well be occurring again. If so  – we need to expose that too!

I lived through the 2008 voter fraud, I watched this sort of thing happen. I was called a racist when I was not.Black racism exists and there was busing and voter fraud  and rigged elections.  I was there while “ We Will Not Be Silenced “ by Gigi Gaston was filmed and I know the election was stolen for Obama through fraud.  I cannot stand by and let it happen again because some bigot cannot express himself without showing his ignorance.

Because this story, while written repulsively, mirrors that which I know to be factual in the past I am publishing the letter. I demand an investigation be launched to help determine if this incident occurred and if it did – these registrations or irregularities must be purged and those responsible must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

‘Race’ ing to November California Election Fraud !!!
– this eye witness account came in yesterday, I am certain there is much more of this flagrant activity as 2008 repeats !

Thanks CS GP chuckolb@bellsouth.net Dateline: Saturday, July 31, 2010, 2:20 PM

Yesterday, Friday, June 30th, my husband and I decided to ride our Gold Wing to Napa County. We take that ride about three times a month.  The roads are back roads, paved and the ride through the vineyards is really nice.  Our end destination was Middletown, CA (about 300 round trip miles from our home).  Now, this is in the heart of Napa County.  We have ridden there many, many times and have NEVER seen as many vans full of blacks as we saw yesterday. 
There were five vans full in Middletown.  I asked one of them where they were from and he said Oakland, CA.  This is a majority black town.  I asked him what he was doing in Middletown and what did he hope to see.  He said, “We be doin our man’s business”.  I didn’t know what in the hell he was talking about.    I didn’t start to catch on until we arrived in Clearlake on our way back.  We pulled into a Chevron station and there were two big Chevy vans parked next to the convenience store.  I counted 16 black people in each van.   One of them walked over to us and was making comments about our Wing.  I asked him where he was from and he said, “Oakland”.  I asked him what he had come to Clearlake to see and he said almost the same thing as the first one, “We just doin business”.  They didn’t look like dope dealers, gun runners or pimps.
On our last stop in Winters at a Shell station, another van, (Dodge) pulled in and nine blacks climbed out.  I was getting more and more curious, because, as I had stated earlier, you just don’t see such large groups of blacks in these areas.  I followed two of the women who had exited the van into the convenience store and I tapped one of them on the shoulder.  I asked them if they were from the area and one of them said, “No, Oakland’.  OMG!!!  I asked them what they had come to the area to see and they looked at each other, shrugged and walked away.  Were they on a mission to do their ‘man’s business?’
As we traveled back home on highway 20 we followed two more vans (one Ford and one Chey) full of blacks entering Yuba City.  Now, Yuba City is mainly mexican with a whole lot of illegals living and breeding there.  But, you don’t see blacks.  We followed the two vans through Yuba City and Marysville and they took highway 70 which connects to either 99 or 80 and we stayed on highway 65.
Did I see what I think I saw?  It was a Friday.  Were these blacks who were ‘doing their man’s business’ committing voter registration fraud in these small towns and three different counties?  Doing their man’s business  is curious and probably illegal.
Something was amiss about this.  TEN large vans full of black people all from Oakland.  But, they weren’t traveling together in a caravan.  They were grouped wrong!  Vans are more expensive than buses.  Buses are more conspicuos than vans.  Can you imagine a bus loaded with blacks pulling into county building to register to vote?  Something was very wrong with the whole thing.  So, if they were registering to vote in three different counties, then I say lets do the same thing.  Time to fight back and we can do double time at the polls just like they do!  While registering to vote in many counties is illegal, my offer was just a suggestion. 
~ Jy

So – what is it just Racism against people of color, or both racism and voter fraud? Are we going to sit by and let any of this go on in our Democratic Republic? It is up to us to straighten this out. It’s up to us to put a stop to the insanity. It is not a case of Right or Left – it is a case of Right or wrong.

Contact Beck,  call or write to someone – do an investigation – get to the bottom of this. Put it on FaceBook – but don’t let this die out without finding out if it is a racist smear or if the vote is about to be fixed or both! You are either part of the solution – or part of the problem.


7 Responses

  1. If what we witnessed in 2008 is not brought out now…then when???
    History will be repeated unless we the ones that campaigned for Hillary are not FINALLY HEARD!!!

    There was busing in Iowa (remember Biden’s little joke).
    There was busing in Gary In.
    Possible early voting irregularities in NC
    Arlene Spector then head of the Senate Judiciary Committee
    got all the complaints. I know I called and spoke with someone
    in the office myself. I was told that although the primaries are no more than rivaling “clubs” bound only to their members; our MANY complaints will be taken seriously….
    Well at least that “turn-coat-Spector” got his…Karma is a B*%@H!!!

    • Anyone see FOX this morning? Alisyn Camerota – m had Gloria Allred on and she told about the CA shutdown of delegates! The truth is coming out now! http://video.foxnews.com/v/4299711

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.TheMajorityUnited.com http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Mon 10 pm & Wed 9:30 pm Eastern Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=112870418738402 Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

      • I saw Gloria Alred on Fox this morning. I loved how she wore the gag, but that did not even get their attention. The things that happened in 2008 are just now getting some peoples attention? How sad is that? Why did’nt they listen to us back then? And look where we are as a country because of all the people that ignored us and proceded with their agenda. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy because of the out of control spending, and then their are all the radical changes that we, the American people do not want. I am glad they are finally getting it, but WTH were they when all this lying, cheating and scheming was going on? We can never allow this to happen again, this country IMO could not survive another election like the past one. All the ones that conspired to get Obama in the WH should be very ashamed!!!!!!

  2. That letter gave me chills. Probably because we lived through the 2008 elections, and things that we never thought could happen in our great country most certainly did. We cannot allow a repeat of 2008, unfortunately I think the opposition will give it a try. Look at the things they do openly, flaunting it in our faces, nothing bothers them, they have no shame. If we are to live in a democracy we need to have fair elections, not what we had in 2008. Look how that worked out for us, an idiot in the WH, while the best person for the job was cheated out of what was rightfully hers. BTW, did’nt Chelsea look beautiful at her wedding yesterday? Hillary and Bill must be bursting with pride.

  3. By the time an elected official has served 2 or more terms, the code of ethics of their office should be 2nd nature and a staffer or two should be permanently assigned to research the ethical question of their every act, personal and political. The voters have, naively, accepted that the leadership of the Senate and House, DNC and RNC are authorities on the ethics. “Mistakes” in the second and subsequent terms aren’t mistakes. Incumbents – and their staffs – know better and dare the voters’ agents to catch them. In Baruque Obama’s case, after all, he was a rookie, an initiate, a freshman in the Senate, completely void of authority about any level of ethics and his golden ass was covered. His meteoric rise within the cocoon of the Chicago Political Machine, the Black Caucus and the Progressive Boys Club insured that he wouldn’t know anything at all about the ethics of the presidency or any office subordinate to it. They who put the post turtle there required his ego-saturated ignorance of the ethical responsibility for their agenda to be driven. The poser NEVER struggles with his ethical standard; he’s got none.


    • Well SWPAnnA, When you have the Race Card you have the added protection of the equivilent of the get out of jail free card.

      How dare we pick on these two Politicians of color? I am surprised we have not yet heard cries of racism yet?

      But we certainly know The ethics committee have heard from the Congressional Black Caucus.

      What do you say we start a Congressional White Caucus- and A congressional Women’s Caucus , and a …

      Actually I think it is time we ban that damned black caucus and stop that race bribery in its travcks. We all know what has been going on – when are we going to stop it?

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