Another church that is now a mosque


While the debate in NY is about the mosque that is being built at Ground Zero and many of NY politicians are yelling about “religious freedom” as being at the core of their “go ahead and build a mosque overlooking ground zero” statements.


  • We are asked to put aside our overwhelming heartbreak and celebrate religious freedom.
  • We are asked to celebrate diversity and put aside the fact that our religious diversity were a target of the attack.
  • We are asked to celebrate the inclusion of Islam on the very spot where 3,000 people were murdered because Islam doesn’t celebrate inclusion.
  • We are asked to celebrate the belief system of a religion that believes non believers are evil and should be buried under the rubble below their feet.
  • We are asked to respect the place they build their mosque when the place they build their mosque disrespects those who were murdered there and those who come to mourn those murdered there.
  • We are being asked an awful lot of in the name of religious freedom.



The following are photos taken on the scene of Islamic treachery. It is yet more proof of their belief in religious freedom! Here is evidence of what they did to a Christian Village, to its women and children and yes when all was said and done they demanded inclusion, diversity, respect and a celebration of religious freedom. The church is now a mosque.


You still believing the Religion of Peace? Shall we continue to bring you more proof? We may be the land of the free and the home of the brave but must we also be the land of the idiots who will repeat history and bring foolishly bring into our midst’s a Trojan Horse to kill us in our sleep?


They were mostly Women and Children.
They were defenseless, they were unprotected.
They died without knowing how or why.
Some were butchered in their beds, some while trying to flee their attackers.

Women were hacked down as they tried to cover their children with their bodies.

Little babies were snatched from their mothers and thrown into burning flames.
Christians in three villages in a community near JOS were shot then butchered in cold blood in the early morning hours of Sunday March 7th 2010 simply because they were Christians.

In place of their church now stands a mosque.


Warning all the photos are here- these photos are very graphic.

2 Responses

  1. Here is the thing…while Islam is busy defending their
    Religion of Peace and yelling about
    “Islamaphobia” and demanding Inclusion.
    Scenes like these are being played out.
    Did anyone see it on the news here? Of course not
    the medias job is to reinforce the Obama administrations
    belief that Islam is not a fight club nor terrorists.
    Do you think this village was terrorized?

    When will someone stand up and demand Islam
    Respect others?. They want respect? Give it.

    This horror was done in the name of ALLAH.
    When will the world say…enough?

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