An open letter to our congressman. It’s time to toughen up

Jim Best

  As someone who respects and admires you, I’m hugely upset with your recent vote in the House Commerce Committee. In your letter to the Wall Street Journal on September 24th, you claimed that, “I registered the lone protest present vote” against the Henry Waxman’s Blowout Prevention Act of 2010. This bill is theft of state authority over drilling permits on land and sea. All of it! And this in the same week that the national government grabbed control of the finance industry. And you vote present?

When will Republicans get it through their head that this in no longer a conflict of ideas played by gentlemen rules? The Obama/Pelosi/Reed triumvirate has already taken control of automotive, insurance, housing, healthcare, student loans, and finance industries. Soon they’ll take control of the energy and telecommunications industries. They’ve usurped state authority with unfunded mandates on an unprecedented level (heath care). They’ve wreaked state budgets with stimulus dollars that come with more strings than a marionette. And they even refuse to allow Arizona to take reasonable actions to protect itself against rampant illegal immigration. That giant sucking sound you hear is power being vacuumed up from all points on the compass to settle in Washington DC, so it can be ceremoniously transferred to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This cabal is intent on changing the country in a direction that will cause misery for generations of Americans. Socialism? No, I never feared that this administration would take us into a European-style socialist state. I believe that would be bad, especially for the people struggling to get a foothold on life, but it would not be the annihilation of everything I hold dear. No, my fear is closer to home, right here in this hemisphere. What they have in mind starts with crony capitalism and corrupt dealings between big government and big business. Once this is taken a few more steps, it’s more properly called fascism—the government control of private enterprise and suppression of all opposition. 

Why am I so angry? Because Republicans are all that stand between liberty and tyranny. And if we can’t trust a retiring conservative Republican, we’re lost. You and your patriotic brethren in both parties must hold the line until we can get rid of the usurpers next November. 

So, quit playing nice. These people are committed to winning, and they use Chicago-style tactics—rock you back on your heels, and then they embrace you in a warm hug. But make no mistake, as soon as they’re done with you, they will viciously attack your character, beliefs, and faith until they destroy your will to fight. There are crucial battles ahead. You’ve lost a lot already, but the war is still raging. Open your eyes. Don’t obsess on the current battle, and nip around the edges of their latest assault. Always remember the long string of double-crosses that have come before. See their intent for what it really is, not for what you hope it is. Your mantra must be to watch what they do, not what they say. 

Here’s one piece of good news for you: The people have caught on. The bellicose accusations the administration throws at opponents are falling on deaf ears—at least out here in the real world. Quit listening to the echo chamber. It’s become a sealed cylinder that’s only purpose is to wear you out with an irritating screech. Get back to Arizona. You’ll discover that the country still make sense beyond the beltway. If you fight, we’ll stand with you. 

One last thing: Present is not a protest vote, it’s wimpy. Our salvation will only come when enough people stand with courage and yell NO! Instead of being intimidated, wear the Party of No badge with pride. Do not give in. Do not grant them legitimacy because they won the last election—they won under a false flag. The country did not vote for this, they voted for bipartisan, post-racial leadership that would extend wellbeing to more of our people while protecting the liberty of all. This was never their intent, so please, I beg you, hold the line for a few months. I promise we’ll send relief columns shortly. 

 James D. Best Was our Guest on TMU radio on June 9th and is the author of Tempest at Dawn, a novel about the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
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