There are simply no safe levels of exposure to toxins. Part 6 Conclusion


So I conclude with where I began.I am a former airline employee who was exposed to toxins from crude oil for 20 years. Only now do I fully comprehend why my immune system is in chaos, why today I have had 5 unexplained miscarriages, cancer, and why I am allergic to the sun(see Tolene) And they knew then and they knew during Ground zero and they knew during Exxon Valdes and they know now that the gulf coast is Toxic.

And now you know.  You’ve read all the warnings about all the toxic substances in crude oil and the substances in the Corexit dispersant. It is too late for 911 rescue workers and the Exxon Valdez workers BUT hopefully it is not too late for the Gulf. They have been working for 2 months now without respirators, perhaps they don’t want to panic people but the truth is — it is TOXIC.

They are burying their clean up suits, gloves even their tools. So obviously there is concern–BUT not enough concerned to say that the same contaminates on your clothes are now in your Lungs. Think about that. Toxic to humans and yet 18 million gallons of toxic chemicals are being spread by air everywhere. It’s Toxic to Marine life and yet it’s sitting in the ocean. And they continue to add toxins on top of toxins.

I do not know why some people are affected more than others. Probably from what I have read there are a myriad of other factors are considered but more studies are needed. Perhaps we would be demanding more studies if we had the truth. The simple truth is that crude oil is toxic and when crude oil is burned the more toxic it becomes. These workers since the Valdez spill, right up until the Gulf spout are endangered and don’t know, they are being kept in the dark on purpose. They are being used and abused – because somebody has to does the dirty work don’t they? Innocent bystanders will also pay the price because they are burning crude oil and dispersant in the Gulf and how do we know who among us will be effected by the long term effects of this Toxic soup?

There are probably thousands of people who have not made the connection that their bizarre symptoms are directly related to Toxic because the truth is being hidden and unless you go looking for this and that you won’t find it. You and I are told its Safe and we believe it is. I would not have gone looking if I had not experienced my own bizarre symptoms and then associated my peculiar effects with those of 911 and then those from the Valdez and from many already reporting the same in the Gulf.

I thought this is uncanny, so much so that it can’t be a coincidence. I investigated and searched and asked and then almost as if it was as clear as the nose on my face, almost as if it were in neon lights the proof, the answers were right there. If I a lay person could connect these dots – If I could see this was no coincidence. If the truth was screaming at me and the symptoms are the very same – every time–IT is a direct result of TOXIC. It’s not even bizarre symptoms the symptoms of toxic are all there in black and white. It’s not bizarre it’s a normal reaction to toxic. Those of us affected by Toxic are the canary in the coal mine. And they have years and years of results from Valdez to 911 to the Gulf to substantiate these effects.

Warning… they are burning crude oil and they will continue to burn crude oil until we demand they STOP until we demand they prove beyond all doubt that it is safe to burn crude oil. DO NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT HAND YOU THE LINE THERE IS NO PROOF IT CAUSES ETC ETC ETC. Ask them instead to prove it does not cause etc etc etc!  

“Plan to burn excess oil from BP well raises health questions
By Renee Schoof and Marisa Taylor | McClatchy Newspapers  

WASHINGTON — Plans to burn hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil from BP’s blown-out well are raising new questions about the health and safety of the thousands of workers on rigs and vessels near the spill site.  

BP and the federal government are in new territory once again in dealing with the nation’s worst environmental disaster: There’s never been such a huge flaring of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, or possibly anywhere.  

The incineration of such huge amounts of oil combined with the black clouds of smoke already wafting over the Gulf waters from controlled burns of surface oil create pollution hazards for the estimated 2,000 people working in the area.  

Dozens of rigs and ships are clustered in the area around the spill site.  

The Discoverer Enterprise, the main recovery ship, is recovering as much as 15,000 barrels of oil a day through a pipe from the wellhead. A second vessel, the Q4000, is being prepared to pull up more oil and burn it. Experts say it could be burning 10,000 barrels, or 420,000 gallons, a day.  

Dr. Phil Harber, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the burning oil could expose workers to toxins that might cause severe respiratory irritation, asthma attacks and inflamed airways depending on how the burns are handled. Burning oil is a fairly common method of relieving pressure in refinery operations, he said.  

“But the magnitude is a concern,” said Harber, who’s also the chief of UCLA’s division of occupational and environmental medicine.  

The other worry, he said, is if the wind carries off the thick clouds, “there are hundreds of ships in the area, and those workers could have significant exposures and perhaps less protection because the exposures would be unanticipated,” he said.

 Harmful byproducts of burning the light crude flowing into the Gulf include fine particles; toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, which result from the incomplete burning of carbon-containing materials such as oil; and volatile organic compounds such as benzene toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene.

Please go to the CDC web site…where they require respirators for anyone exposed to Benzene. Then tell me why are Gulf Coast workers are not wearing respirators?

We are being lied to. Question is what do we do? I am thinking about it at this time but I would appreciate help. To sign the petition, please visit–

Thanks to BJ, for more than I can say. Thanks to the women who continue to speak out–Merle Savage, Riki Ott and my beloved PUMAs in particular Dragonfly, Won’tBackDown, Headclunker and TT.

You are all know Angels mean Messenger. Blessings

* Note from BJ Please sign the Petition. And please follow the new series on Agenda21. For your convenience – all the previous links are below along with the Agenda 21 Links we would like you to copy and keep, we will be adding to them!


4 Responses

  1. Barbara,

    Excellent finale. We are so screwed by our government, corporations who gave the system and give payoffs, etc.

    I no longer trust any of them!!!

  2. I spoke with a friend of mine with the FDNY his brother with the FDNY was murdered on 911. His father also FDNY recently passed away from “a lot of breathing and kidney health issues” he worked 17 hours a day in the TOXIC rubble searching for his son for 4 months.
    My friend said ” 911 killed my brother and then it killed my father”
    So far 350 911 rescue workers have died from illness directly related to their time at ground zero. These men and women many of whom survived the attack themselves volunteered..they worked day and night for months to find their loved ones and our loved ones.
    Didn’t they deserve the truth?
    We watched as a people all the horror of that day and we should be as a people horrified that …it is safe was heard over and over again when they knew it was not safe.
    You’re burying your heroes of that day, the people you watched in awe of are dying because they were lied to.

    The heroes who are cleaning up your ocean, your beaches are also being lied to.
    Why so silent?

    • I know the reason they are silent! I finally know the reason. It is in their plan to depopulate the earth. Agenda21.

      The Demigods of Agenda21, otherwise known as the think tank from the UN, the Bilderberg Group and others I am still investigating can’t kill all the female babies or mustard gas the low life’s or send to the chambers all the Jews or feed to the lions all the Christians or Lynch all the blacks like other countries do so they poison and otherwise eliminate We the People in the following ways while keeping us dangling and helpless to what they are up to. It all sounds like a bad movie but they are 300 men and women running this show- and we had better get our 300 million asses in gear and stop them NOW!

      You are not going to like what I have to say because you have been brainwashed to think these are all your own ideas! But after you read the whole plan perhaps you will see they are not your ideas at all. Perhaps you will see some of these things could have been engineered so that you could have had real choices – your own choices! Perhaps you will see that these people think they are GOD and have been your GOD. Do you really want them controlling your life and your choices? I rather choose my own God, Or not, thank you very much! These people are only people – don’t let these bastards run the world for us! Held end Agenda21! NOW!

      Would you believe these Bastards: Would allow disasters so people can die from our Government’s incompetence. First from their slow reaction to their impending DISASTER remember Katrina then the Gulf oil heading to the shore? Next from their slow reaction to use the available resources to minimize the loss of life and or resources. Finally, the use of unsafe solutions adding insult to injury and maximizing the result of the disaster all while saying IT”S SAFE! Add that to the wars we don’t need to fight. Add that to the food additives that cause all the increased illness in: cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure etc. which coincidently both funds the Big Pharma and Insurance Industries and slowly kills off larger and larger populations yearly. Add to that, open borders that invite terrorists in that are waiting to create havoc. Add to that open borders that allow drugs in to overtake our youth and destroy the minds of three generations now. Add to that the sexualization of America everywhere you look – convincing us that it is freedom to be objectified. Add to that the Rap Crap that turns our kids music into Pornophony again in the name of freedom. Add to that the purposeful Dumbing down of American Schools- so we don’t realize what they are doing. Add to that we have convinced our women it is their right and choice to selectively reduce our population by aborting fetuses as a form of birth control in some cases.(Not all women use Abortion as birth control, however one can assume if it is a women’s right and the fetus is not considered a child then it follows that abortion can and would be used as birth control– thereby reducing the population of possible births by Total number of reported abortions in the U.S. since 1973: 51 million +) That is 26 million women!

      Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

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