RIDsNow: Republicans, Independents & Democrats working together to defeat Agenda 21

BettyJean Kling

I am working on a serious issue not sure if this is part of the reason women are being neglected in our court system and sexism and misogyny is on the rise but I am sure it is why we are being kept polarized along with the rest of society. Let’s not let the two party system get away with this. What a gimmick they break us into two groups left and right – they further break us into male and female then they break us into groups by race and religion.

Meanwhile they, come from all over the world, are comprised of both sexes, many races, and of several .religions and of no religion. What they have in common is money, power and a dream to change the world into the paradise they deem it should be. You have heard of global warming and world order and globalization? I am sure but you really don’t know what that is all about – not really. Let me assure you the world and the way you live is about to drastically change.
That CHANGE, the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION, is man-made alright, by about 300 bastards playing God. Once you know what they have planned I am very sure you are not going to like it! I know damned well I am not!

Don’t take my word for it; I am just learning all about it. It is run by the UN and US signed on by Bush the Elder in 1992 and how Bilderberg’s plan  to implement it worldwide including here in the US –  yes Right here! http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/res_agenda21_00.shtml

Go google it Agenda21 — see how Obama and his Green Agenda fits in  http://www.green-agenda.com/agenda21.html for yourself, then get in touch with everyone you know and ask them to research this and get it to the Tea Party People. Agenda21. It will answer why everything is how it is. Why it seems the whole country has gone nuts. It’s part of the bigger plan to decimate us, totally decimate us. The government – both our Republican and Democrats are in on this plan.

Think about it! Can a country who does not produce its own food survive? Can a country in this much debt to Communist China, or one who has outsourced all its jobs and manufacturing survive? We have all asked these questions – why haven’t we acted?

They have outsourced our jobs, they have mortgaged our resources, we owe our entire economy to china, a communist enemy that hates us kills off its female babies – we tip-toe around Islam they hate our freedom, our Constitution and woman; we no longer grow our own food.

Our Government wants to regulate vitamins, natural food and organics so we can’t help ourselves any longer while they put so much shit  we can’t even pronounce in our food at so called safe levels causing of us to die from cancer daily. 

Then here comes Michelle, who wants to put fresh veggies in local stores as if we haven’t died from spinach and lettuce and tomatoes straight off the farm. Food recall after food recall even with all this regulation? Are we being force fed chemicals in all these fresh veggies now as we were with fluoride in our water?

I have taken two kids to the grave after hauling them through futuristic movie- set-like  chemo clinics filled to the brim from 7 am to 7 pm 7 days a week including Christmas Day with bald headed  masses aged babies to elders for years. Big Pharma gets richer and richer from more and more diseases while they pour poisons in theri frail dying bodies and eventually kill them after they got us all sick in the first place either by processed food or pollutants in the air and water or from radio, micro  and electrical waves.

It wasn’t We the People who put those pollutants in the air, rivers or transmitted them into the airwaves – I can assure you. Everyone is making money on the suffering and death of the people beginning with the poisoning and ending with the brutal cure. Even the undertaker  gets his pound of flesh and sells off parts  which eventually kills off the buyer who  thought he was buying more time! Undertakers caught selling body parts!!
Big business bought and paid for our government. How? Our representatives start running for the next election the day after they get elected. All they understand is money and votes. Folks we don’t have that much money but if we RIDs stick together – we have enough votes. The media is bought and paid for – the government is not representing us – the courts are corrupt.

And now I find for the last 30 years or so Agenda21 is a global plan our Government has been a part of to kill off most of us and zombify the rest of us. They need idiot worker bees to do the slave work. We are being used and abused and manipulated and please – I know I sound nuts but go to the UN and read it for yourself!

The Dumbing Down of America was no accident either! Read the book!

This is not a movie it is real and these DemiGods are really doing all this Agenda21.

The oil spill was allowed to come ashore it was no accident! The dispersants they are using which will kill thousands is no coincident any more than workers who died after working on every other accident from Valdez to 911.

Open borders allowing drugs to poison entire generations of young people–NO ACCIDENT! WE are AMERICA – we could close those borders and stop drug trafficking! We don’t because it suits Agenda21 not to! Open borders allowing terrorists to come in and kill us – no accident!

What about the soldiers since VN War whose children were born with clef lips and who fathers mysteriously died as the result of Agent Orange? Or the soldiers since Desert Storm when Daddy Bush signed onto Agenda21, who died and whose children were born sickly. And the Iranian war soldiers are dying or suffering PTSD and their children who are born with disease or serious disabilities. And most glaring is the sudden rise in Autism which must be the result of all this genetic engineering of food. Oh yes the change is man-made alright, by about 300 bastards playing God


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