Put Amelia Back in the Sky

Lynette Long

When I grew up I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and all the giant balloons at the time were of male characters. In fact, the Macy’s Parade started in 1924, yet the first balloon of a female character wasn’t until 1982.  Who was it? Olive Oyl.   At EVE we believe that it’s unhealthy for young girls to watch a constant parade of male balloon characters, so we decided to build a series of our own giant helium balloons.  These balloons will be of famous women and although we might not be able to get into the Macy’s Parade, we can get into the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, The National Fourth of July Parade, and dozens of other largest parades around the country.  Many of these parades are televised so these balloons will be viewed by literally millions of people.  Our first balloon will be of Amelia Earhart in her Red Lockhead Vega.  All we need to put Amelia in the sky is 99 people to donate $99. Will you be part of EVE’s 99’s which we named after the original group of female pilots, the ninety-nines.
Amelia will not only tell her story, but our story, the story of female under-representation in government, in leadership, and in our national symbolism.   Please help.  We’d love to get Amelia in the sky for a Labor Day Parade but into order to do that we have to raise money fast.   You can help make this happen and increase visibility for all women and create a different reality for the next generation of girls.
EVE is registered as a 501.c3 so your donation is tax-deductible.  Please  use our secure on-line donation button below.
It’s time for a change.  You can help make that change happen!
Put Amelia Earhart back in the skies!

Join EVE’s 99 Club to help fund the new Amelia Earhart balloon!
Click Here to Donate

Americans love parades. And one of the things we love best about parades are those giant helium balloons: floating behemoths in the shape of popular characters like Uncle Sam, Spider Man, Smokey the Bear, Santa Claus, Garfield, and hundreds of others.

But have you noticed that very few parade balloons depict female characters? In fact, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade didn’t introduce a female character balloon until 1982—more than half a century after the first parade in 1924. To this day there have been only 10 female character balloons in Macy’s entire history.


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