Vilsack, Jealous, Obama, and Breitbart: Enough Shame to Go Round and Shirley Sherrod Pays the Price

Another Rant by Bettyjean Kling

The NAACP recently came out and denounced the Tea Party as a racist operation and all it’s citizens members by association as being racists because they (the NAACP members) assert they have seen some racist signs displayed therefore all tea party persons must be racists.

Andrew Breitbart discovered a tape of Shirley Sherrod giving a speech in which she appeared to be racist and the audience reaction was the point of the tape. This Tape was not about Shirley and the NAACP knows it- the whole tape was never going to stay buried- Shirley was never intended to look like a racist – the crowd ‘s reaction and the NAACP  failure to denounce the same was the target ! If the NAACP intends to denounce the entire Tea Party for a few  signs  then it follows  someone should have stood up last March and quieted this crowd or denounced  the racist reactions of the crowd as well. That was the point.

I am not defending Breitbart- because he cost this woman her job by posting the tape without explaining what the point was and that was unfair to Shirley . Last night he said he was ambivalent to her – well I am not ! Shame on you Andy B, apologize and start finding men to use it is not apparent that most of your spy work features a women doing the wrong thing or the brunt of you wrath.

While I do appreciate your work Andrew- I am sure you can find an equal number of men to out in your quest to shed light on injustice where ever it rears its ugly head! I too am overwrought with the false racism charges that take away from the real problems but lets not let them win by stooping to their level or by shooting off our own feet. never let em see you sweat Andy!

POTUS jumps the gun again! Racism where it does not exist rears its ugly head. NAACP blames FOX  – why not– and poor Shirley Sherrod is out of work!  She was fired based on a partial story- great country America under the dictator and chief! He automatically took the Professors side against a white cop but in this instance – this lady was given no opportunity to defend herself.  Will POTUS never learn?

Let me get this right .

A black male professor – and a friend of POTUS gets the benefit of the doubt and the president himself can call the white cop a racist in error and they all get to have beer at the white house BUT a black women confesses to racist thoughts 24 years ago while she explains how she learned not to be a racist and gets her ass fired in an instant on orders from the White House?

Shirley Sherrod is not a racist  and her comments were taken out of context and yet again the president jumps to conclusions without any evidence.  This time it’s a women who gets thrown under the buss.

 Get the whole story folks. The lady  helped this man – he did not loose the farm – they became friendly and the farmer is coming to her defense. She had a racist thought but repented – haven’t we all?

 The bigger story he of the use of the tape was the audience who yukked it up thinking she got even with whitie only to find out she was telling them racism is wrong!

But even now that the truth is known, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and President Obama are refusing to reinstate Sherrod.  This kind of political cowardice is beyond shameful.

The truth is The Left jumped the gun AGAIN and now they want to blame that on the right. BriAndrew Brightbart aired the tape including the part where Shirley saw the light. The idea was to show that at an NAACP meeting recently, Shirley’s speech was interupted by the audience who applauded what appeared to be a racist act.

NAACP had the entire tape and could have reviewed it and would have know that Shirley clarified it  and this tape was never meant to hurt Shirley but to show the NAACP still harbors its own racism and therefore should not be jumping on the Tea party for a few rougue characters that might voice  such opinions as did this audience.

Furthermore, the NAACP president, was probably at this meeting and know  what happened. If we was not at this meeting he was certainly aware of her  speech as she has given it often by her own account at various NAACP meeting for the purpose of showing why racism is wrong. Jealous conveniently scapegoated this women and this incident in order to cry Racism yet one more time against FOX and the Tea party! This was not about Shirley  and they know it- the whole tape was never going to stay buried- Shirley was never intended to look like a racist – the crowd ‘s reaction and the NAACP  failure to denounce the same was the target !

But before  anyone could make the point Shirley Sherrod was forced out of her job by the Administration who is now lying about it!

We need to call on the White House to immediately give Shirley Sherrod her job back, Once you’ve taken action, please tell your friends and family to do the same — the more people who know the truth about this story, the better.


2 Responses

  1. They heard ya BJ. Latest news update… USDA reconsiders.

  2. Were the journalists in the Sherrod affair so much different than the blogger? Moreover, are bloggers who provide news not journalists as the “journalists” claimed after getting the story wrong?

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