Beck: Can you hear us now?


Hear I am calling out  Glenn Beck again. He claims to cover what the main stream media will not cover but we have been bringing him the truth  for quite some time and he still isn’t picking up the slack. He swears he is looking for information on voter fraud and swears he wants info on what the MSM is hiding. Well we got it. Does he really mean it when he claims? “Here we are, picking up the slack for the rest of the media again”

Hats off to Alisyn Camerota  from Fox and friends for finally picking up on the real story.

The truth was documented during the primaries and no one would listen- it’s all right here . Gigi Gaston walked among us and filmed and directed it and Bettina Viviano produced a film in 2008 during the primary elections  We Will Not Be Silenced  that is finally being brought to light. Not only can we bring  hundreds forward to swear to it  – we can prove it with pictures and records – if only anyone will bother to look, listen and believe those of us that witnessed it all in plain sight!

We have the proof he needs to blow this thing wide open – if  truth is – what he really wants to find – we have the proof! We also have the statistics and Caucus analysis all he has to do is ask! Come on Glenn – let’s see what you’re really all about! Come and get it !

Write to Glen Beck immediately and let him know he is missing a large piece of documented evidence on Voter fraud and intimidation!

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 In case you didn’t hear us the first time, we’ll repeat. Obama STOLE the 2008 Democratic Primaries.

And he and his gang will do it again too, if we let them. But this time, Pumas are still sounding the alarm. What happened with the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation cover-up, as well as Holder’s Justice Department’s alleged policy of not prosecuting Voting Rights Act complaints brought by citizens who happen to be white, suddenly has a larger context, a background, a backstory, and, crucially, a THEME. And the theme is: Barack Obama and his Movement will lie, cheat, and steal to win elections. Literally.

Since many of today’s readers may be new to this site and ones like it, I’ll post a few links for background information on what’s been going on in the Democratic party and in the upper echelons of DC and the national media headquarters since at least 2005.

Hillary Clinton actually received MORE VOTES than obama in the Dem Primaries and Caucuses of 2008. Let that sink in. Every time you read or hear a media spokesperson refer to Clinton’s “bitter loss” or “incompetent campaign” or “hard-fought loss” to obama, please  click on this link to reassure yourself that YES, the media is shamelessly lying. Clinton did not suffer a “bitter loss.” She won for lord’s sake. What she did do, was finally throw in the towel on June 7, 2008 because she knew she couldn’t beat the DNC Machine. So she cut her losses and tried to salvage a worthy and valuable goal from the corrupt wreckage of the New Democratic Party, as shamefully redesigned by Axelrod, obama, Emanuel, Brazile, and Pelosi. That gang, with obama as their untouchable figurehead, tragically transformed the party of inclusive, idealistic, and all-American common sense liberalism into a Chicago style club of insider-only thugs who play disenfranchised groups off of each other, working only to keep us divided and hating each other so we’ll be distracted fighting for scraps from a government that no longer guarantees justice for all but instead payback with taxpayer cash for a few (and, yes, the “few” most certainly include the corporate interests that funded his campaign).

But not only did Clinton receive more votes; she also received them in a climate of corruption, intimidation, and blatant favoritism practiced by the media and the party referees; the Dem party  leadership and media honchos who had the hots for an obama presidency. In Nevada and Texas, the corruption and illegal activity by the obama campaign against Clinton voters at the polling places was so blatant and out of control that the Clinton Campaign officially registered a complaint with the DNC and requested an investigation into, among other things:

  • Deliberately miscounted votes to favor Senator Obama.
  • Deliberately counted unregistered persons as Obama votes.
  • Deliberately counted young children as Obama votes.
  • Refused to accept preference cards from Clinton supporters who were at the caucus site by noon on the ground that the cards were not filled out fast enough.
  • Told Clinton supporters to leave prior to electing delegates.
  • Clinton supporters who arrived late were turned away from the caucus, while late Obama supporters were admitted to the caucus.
  • Obama supporters falsely informed Clinton supporters that no registration forms were available for them to register to vote at the caucus site.
  • Obama supporters wrongly told Clinton supporters who were attempting to caucus at the wrong precinct that they could not caucus at that site, while simultaneously permitting Obama supporters at the wrong precinct to participate.
  • Obama supporters were allowed to move to the front of the registration and sign-in line.
  • Workers were informed that their supervisors kept lists of Clinton and Obama supporters, and were told that they could not caucus unless their name was on the list of Obama supporters.
  • Many Clinton supporters were threatened with employment termination or other discipline if they caucused for Senator Clinton.
  • Workers were required to sign a pledge card to support Obama if they wanted time off to participate in the caucus.
  • Workers at one casino were offered a lavish lunch and permitted to attend and register to vote only if they agree to support Obama.

Apparently some pretty big media outlets are FINALLY starting to understand what we’ve been trying to explain for years. As Hillbuzz says, “It is never the crime, but the coverup that does these people in. Democrats never bothered to coverup the voter fraud because the Media never talked about it and too few Americans were ever interested in it.“

For those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June 2008, and again in November, and we say it almost every day: Pumas are in this for the long haul. We can’t rest, because every day new developments show just how right we were. New examples of obama incompetence make clear how we were right about how serious the consequences for our country and our democracy would be when the media cheerleaders facilitated the Emanuel-Axelrod-Dean Chicago style takeover of the Democratic National Committee.

Pumas Won’t Rest.

See also Entire PUMA Documentary, “We Will Not Be Silenced” by Gigi Gaston:


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  2. It is great that some in the media are finally reporting what happened over 2 years ago. Just think how different things would be today if only they had listened to us. Some could not get past their hatred for the Clintons, so they did’nt really care. After a year and a half of this incompetent administration, people are singing a different tune. Oh, and btw, Hillary is the only bright ans shining star in his cabinet. He is still dumber than a box of rocks, no offense to the rocks intended!!!

  3. I am not totally defending Glen Beck, but I must say that he receives thousands of e-mails a day with tips about new stories. He must be swamped and unable to attend to them all.

    BTW to those of you who pray, please say a prayer for Glen Beck. To those who do not, please send him some good and positive thoughts.

    Glen Beck just learned that he is going blind. My heart breaks for him.

  4. “…lie, cheat, and steal to win elections. Literally.”

    You left out murder, the late Bill Gwatney, Arkansas, first State Chair to sign the petition of 300, shot during his one hour-per-week in his office to sign checks. Had the Arkansas and California Hillary votes been announced in Denver, in August, during the roll call of the 1st round pledged delegates, the Convention would have readily witnessed a huge margin of votes for HRC and swung her way.

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