Obama Administration shocked women’s health organizations


I am only weighing in on how Obama stacks up as a feminist! From the first time I saw this magazine cover I promised to shove it down the throat of every NOW and Ms. Magazine for stabbing Hillary in the back every chance I got and low and behold here is yet another one of those chances. Sorry to say I have missed more than I took

Yesterday the Obama Administration shocked women’s health organizations everywhere when it announced it would exclude abortion coverage from the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (the temporary high-risk insurance pools created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to transition us into the new health care plan).

According to liberal women’s groups who support this administration, “The Obama Administration did NOT have to do this!” Further they do not accept these restrictions and are demanding this voluntary restriction be immediately reversed because
thousands of women with serious medical conditions will not be able to access abortion care, even if their health is at further risk,

“Just like Stupak, this decision bars women with pre-existing conditions from using their own money to buy abortion coverage through the high-risk pools. (For example, what about women with cancer and the impact the change in hormone levels resulting from pregnancy has on their tumors!)”

According to Choice Matters, The restrictions on use of federal dollars for abortion coverage do NOT apply.  Even though federal dollars are being used to subsidize these new high-risk pool insurance plans, there is no requirement that abortion coverage be restricted. Neither the Hyde nor the Nelson Amendments apply here.

The Hyde Amendment restrictions on use of Labor-HHS appropriations for abortion coverage do not apply to this new appropriation, and the Nelson Amendment abortion restrictions do not apply to the high-risk pool plan section of the law.

So he is what these feminists wanted and this is what they got and yet at every turn he gives them less and less of what they elected him to do for them. Is he really what a feminist looks like? Well if a feminist indeed only has two issues – I’d say not so much!


5 Responses

  1. When I saw the outrage from ChoiceMatters; I thought “too late now”!!
    Next time you vote for someone & put all your “Hopes & Dreams” in that individual….”READ THE FINE PRINT”!!!!
    Oh Right….much of it has been “Blocked”!!!
    That should be “telling too”!!

  2. They still have not learned… I wil bet you dollars to donuts!

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  4. They should take example from the Canadian health care system.

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