Unequal protection under the law

The Bib

In a nation where all are guaranteed equal rights, all Affirmative Action, Special Interests, “social justice” initiatives amount to unequal protection, an institutionalized Caste System, a license to be racist with impunity against for the historic and culture hegemonic American, the White, exponentially more against the White Christian.

And so, to engage in a defensive dichotomy that is racist AND presents but one point of view with no regard for “born equal” and equal protections is to play into the very forces that promote and perpetuate government sanctioned racism, commonly referred now as “reverse racism.”

Rectification and remediation is hard for those on the “special interest” tit, it means they too have to stand as equal, with equal opportunity and no more guarantee than anyone else for equal result.

Refuse to be drawn into these battles, they are fought by “special interests” who have a vested interest in mucking the muck, their pay off, donation money and power.

There are many blacks out there who not only do not buy into it but are humiliated at the prospect that they are somehow born inferior and who need government to even the playing field because they are not “equal” to the task.

I guess what I am saying is the best way to handle such race baiters is to marginalize them and work the system within and without, against them.

 If the damned media gave them the attention they deserved, we wouldn’t hear any of it.


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