Beck, picking up what slack? Voter Fraud is bigger than the Billy in Philly

Another Rant by: BettyJean

Glen Beck jumps on the bandwagon regarding the New Black Panther case but where oh where is he on what got Obama that far along in the election in the first place? Glen boasts about being the only one interested in voter fraud and picking up the slack. What slack Glenn?

“Here we are, picking up the slack for the rest of the media again; they seem fairly disinterested in the New Black Panther case that was dropped by the Justice Department and Eric Holder.”

I would like to get Glen Beck and others to understand he and other seem greatly disinterested in reporting the truth behind voter fraud and intimidation that rocked a nation and disenfranchised millions in every state. The truth is bigger that the billy club wielding panther in Philly — the real story started in Iowa in January 2008 and millions of us know about it but no one will listen to those of us who witnessed it firsthand. Those of us Millions of Democrats who suffered racism, sexism and were brutalized, intimidated and threatened then when we tried to report it – we were laughed at and called bitter, old hags and losers! Our men called pussy whipped, our women called old cunts and bitches. Our candidate treated like dirt, her party totally abandoned her and elevated her opponent to status of untouchable.

We Millions of Democrats – some of us called ourselves ” PUMA’s” (People United Means Action) – other “PUMA’s” (Party Unity My Ass) documented our stories but no one would listen. We recorded and took videos and still shots but no one would look no one would watch. We cried and for our efforts we were called racists and haters and worse.

NOW– suddenly one story about the New Black Panther in Philly with a billy club gets picked up by FOX and Glen Beck jumps on it along with the rest of that network, and I appreciate that – I do, but Glenn misspeaks when he states he is picking up the slack for the rest of the media again. This story is only the tip of the iceberg and a damned little tip at that- Obama never should have made it that far and Glenn Beck ought to be on that story if he is going to be bragging about picking up any slack. There is only one voice who dares to look deeper into this story and is taking the time to ask questions.

Hats off to Alisyn Camerota  from Fox and friends for finally picking up on the real story.

The truth was documented during the primaries and no one would listen- it’s all right here . Gigi Gaston walked among us and filmed and directed it and Bettina Viviano produced a film in 2008 during the primary elections  We Will Not Be Silenced  that is finally being brought to light.

Gigi and Bettina were our Guests last year and this morning Gigi was on Fox and Friends. I want you all to write Glenn Beck and get him to push this film and Gigi immediately! Please help! Sexism is just as important as racism and the fact that this past election contained both is utterly astounding. It’s certainly worth covering added to the fact that they used voter fraud and violated the Constitution in every way possible to gift Obama the presidency of the United States of America. Not only can we bring  hundreds forward to swear to it  – we can prove it with pictures and records – if only anyone will bother to look, listen and believe those of us that witnessed it all in plain sight!

We have the proof he needs to blow this thing wide open – if  truth is – what he really wants to find – we have the proof!

We also have the statistics and Caucus analysis all he has to do is ask!

Come on Glenn – let’s see what you’re really all about! Come and get it ! You know where to find her  Fox has her number! Call Gigi Now! Then call BJ for detailed Caucus Analysis written by Dr. Long.

Write to Glen Beck immediately and let him know he is missing a large piece of documented evidence on Voter fraud and intimidation!


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  2. Finally!!!! I never thought I would see this day, but it is finally going to happen. Now people who called us racist, crazy, bitter, clinging to our guns and religion etc.etc.etc. will know we spoke the truth about the imposter in the WH!!!! And now they will also know that the person who actually won the primaries was not even the GE candidate. Now maybe they will see what we saw. Lying, cheating, caucus fraud, voter intimidation, and the list goes on. Let’s keep the pressure on, make MSM get off their lazy corrupt asses and do their job NOW! We demand it! It is way past time for this story to see the light of day. I can only hope and pray that this leads to the demise of the Obama administration, the sooner he is out of there, the sooner we can start to rebuild our great country. Thanks be to God!

  3. Thanks, BettyJean.

    We can’t give up…

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  6. Maybe I am just as cynical as they come. Why are the republicans picking this up now? Because it is mid-term elections. I really believe that Glen Beck and any of the other come on lately “investigative journalist” are just going to use this to further their cause and their own ambition.

    • You may be right – in fact I would bet on it and I don’t care so long as they do because I intend to go after them next! And I would help the Dems get the republicans if I had to because they all have to go . they are two wings of the same vulture . What we have to understand is that the party is over. They are playing us against each other hoping that you will say exactly what you may have just said. “I ain’t helping those Republicans …”

      So instead we let the Dems just screw us left and right? I think maybe not

      I think maybe the jig is up!

      The end I near – I am done with this damned game once and for all. We the People are fed up with this bullshit! I hope you are too! They are running a game on us- not just on each other – we are the real losers here – don’t you ever forget that.

      They get to win every four or eight years – we get to lose over and over again. They are getting rich and we are paying the bill!

      We all need to forget who is who and which party wants what. We the People own that dome and it’s time for them who work for us to pay the piper !

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Mon 10 pm & Wed 9:30 pm Eastern Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011!/group.php?gid=112870418738402 Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

  7. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

    • Let’s keep up the pressure- We will not be silenced – if it takes us forever – we have the proof we bore the scars and we will NOT be silenced!

  8. Here I was thinking the same thing BJ and was going to write Megan Kelly.

  9. OMG I can not keep up on all the head exploding new
    We have PrimaryGate, OIlGate.
    The DOJJ dropping charges against the New Black
    Panthers and Voter Intimidation instead suing the state of Arizona over
    ILLEGAL Immigration.
    Muslims in the space program so they can feel good
    About their contributions, ya know the murder of
    3,000 people and their intent to build a. Mosque
    to their contributions on the very spot their
    Contributions contributed to the real estate being

    Let’s see Iran stoning a women to death., cause
    That so damn peaceful.
    And today I heard the NAACP is calling the tea
    Party…..RACIST, they meet with Michelle yesterday.
    So the new black panthers and the Muslim Brotherhood
    Aren’t Racists…..the TEA PARTY is.
    Head explodes!!

  10. Here is what I sent to becktips@foxnews:

    “Information From a Democrat”

    My husband and I are life-long democrats, pro-choice (which by the way, does not mean pro-abortion), we believe in women’s rights and we supported Hillary Clinton for president. 

    After seeing Hillary speak and getting a chance to meet her with my 7 year old daughter (and a photo op) at Cal State University LA in February 2008, we became political for the first time in our lives.  We were so impressed by Hillary that the next day we felt compelled to be the only people in the U.S. to go out on the streets of Los Angeles and campaign for her in the upcoming primaries in other states such as Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania etc.  Our local Los Angeles Fox News and ABC news covered all of 3 seconds from our rallies.

    For the first time in our lives we had political bumper stickers on our cars, “Hillary for President”, t-shirts, posters, pins and a lawn sign for our home.

    What we experienced during the 2008 primaries was far more upsetting than imaginable and it has changed our lives forever.

    When we first heard obama speak in 2007, we knew he was an anti-american, racist, lying fraud.  We could never support someone like that to be the president of our country.

    As my husband and I started to tell friends and family that we were supporting Hillary, we were met with anger.  They were angry that we weren’t ‘in love’ with obama and with his message of ‘hope and change’.  As we became determined to campaign for Hillary, we immediately lost life-long friends, work associates and family members (we are still not on talking terms – I’m sure we never will be).  We turned to the internet and asked strangers to join us in campaigning for Hillary on the corner of Laurel Cyn. and Ventura Blvd in Studio City.   We experienced on this corner (4 rallies I organized) such incredible anger and hatred toward Hillary from obama supporters, it was truly scary.  We were a target for their verbal hatred.

    We mostly had women and children with us.  My husband videotaped the rallies and put them on youtube (see: “Studio City Loves Hillary” 5/31/08)

    What we don’t show in our Youtubes, is the obama supporters across the street – yelling at us and flipping us off.  Obama supporters that drove by, would flip us off constantly, so much that my 9 year old son asked if it would be okay if he could “do the finger thing back to them”.  Of course, we said, “no”, but our children were learning at an early age that people could be very mean and hateful.
    My 7 year old daughter came over to me during one of our rallies and asked me, “what does, I want a bro, not a ho mean mommy?”  It was a nightmare, my children were hearing people yelling at us, “c*nts, wh*res, p*ssy lickers, lesbos, go lick Hillary’s p*ssy, f*ck you dikes, go die you racist pigs” ~ all with the middle finger.  Mostly the people who were yelling at us were black and a surprising amount were women who looked like me, white, blond and blue-eyed. 

    My husband and my children (after our 2nd rally) begged me to not organize any more rallies for Hillary because it was too scary and the obama supporters were becoming more aggressive.  Obama had told his supporters, “get in their faces”.   And, they were doing what obama had asked them to do.

    The last rally I organized was with Orly Taitz in April 2009.  I met Orly 2 days before our rally in a restaurant by her home here in California.  She kept me waiting past the lunch crowd, so by the time she arrived at 2:30pm we were pretty much alone in a restaurant off the Santa Ana fwy.  I was not prepared to see all the paperwork she was carrying and her urgency to let me know about everything she had found out about obama (last night, I finished reading your new book “The Overton Window” (excellent) and as I think back to that day, Orly reminds me of your character Churchill talking to Beverly on the phone with his papers flying everywhere through the desert).   I noticed a man sitting far behind Orly, close to the front door, reading a newspaper with sunglasses on and then I noticed through the window a man sitting in his car in the parking lot.  I didn’t tell Orly what I was seeing, she was talking so fast that I couldn’t say anything.  She showed me papers on obama’s many social security numbers, service record, birth record, school records that showed he was a foreign exchange student, etc.  My head was pounding and I was nervous because I had my children with me.  I moved my children from sitting at their own table and moved them to sit with Orly and I, thinking they would be more safe sitting closer to me and maybe she would stop going on and on about obama.  She didn’t stop talking ~ only to answer her phone a couple of times.  I even looked for the back exit door in case I decided to leave quickly by grabbing my children’s hands.  Our meeting lasted 2 hours and half the things she was telling me about obama went over my head.  I was only meeting her because she wanted to meet me before our anti-obama rally on April 11, 2009.  I had no idea that she was going to share with me all this information about obama.  Did I think she was being followed? Yes.
    Here is our 4/11/09 youtube with Orly: “U.S. Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama”

    In hindsight, because of your show, I regret not documenting the hideous behavior of obama supporters, but now that I think about it, I’m sure it would have been used against us.  After all, we were being called racist and NOW we are being called racist Republicans (we are still registered as democrats). The DOJ whistle blower said that he has donated to both parties, and yet he is being called a racist Republican right wing nut and I’m sure he’s getting death threats.

    During the primaries we had to take our lawn sign down (it got egged) and we had to remove our Hillary bumper stickers.  I was driving my kids to karate class and a black guy started playing ‘chicken’ with me (while giving me the middle finger), with my young children in the back seat, they were scared and they both started to cry and begged for me to remove the Hillary stickers.  I was getting used to people flipping me off, but this was getting too much for me to handle.  My husband agreed and removed them that night.  We were lucky, we found out that other Hillary supporters who refused to take their bumper stickers off, had their cars scratched and windows broken, etc.

    In May 2008, my children wore their Hillary t-shirts to school one day (3rd and 5th grade ~ Sherman Oaks, California) and when I picked them up, the t-shirts were inside out.  My kids said that their teachers asked them to turn them inside out.  I parked the car and took my children back onto the campus and demanded to see the principal.  It’s a long story, so here is the short story.  The principal and the Los  Angeles Unified School District said the obama t-shirts were okay to wear, but Hillary or McCain t-shirts were upsetting the students! You are correct about the public school system, it’s a complete nightmare.  The media didn’t want the story.

    Thousands of Hillary supporters were getting the same treatment.  It was misogyny out of control.  We contacted the media and everyone was supporting obama, it was like a Twilight Zone episode or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  We had lost our friends, jobs, and some family members. Parents at our children’s school don’t speak to us and our children lost some of their own friends for supporting Hillary and then McCain. We are alone, with no one protecting us or speaking out for us. In fact, the media and obama was causing this anger toward us.

    Because of this treatment, Hillary supporters protested the media in New York and in Los Angeles in 2008.  In New York, they had to stand inside a metal barrier (that took up maybe three parked cars lengths). I attended a protest against NBC Burbank in May 2008 and do you think that NBC News covered it? No.  We were right in front of their studio, they could have hung a camera out a window.  NPR sent a reporter to get some interviews and someone made a youtube with their cell phone.  On April 4, 2008, I had run-in with Jay Leno about Hillary and he embarrassed me in front of his studio audience.

    I’m in a group known as PUMA (Party Unity My @ss), it started on June 7th, 2008 when we saw that Hillary was going to turn over her support for obama.  We joined together to let the media know that if Hillary was not going to be the Democrat nominee, we were going to vote for McCain.
    We were called sore losers and Republicans.  That’s another story that the media won’t talk about, at least 5 million Hillary supporters voted for McCain in 2008.

    In June of 2008, we were being treated like the Tea Party is being treated today.  We were at the beginning of the the tea party movement, after all, it was the Hillary supporters that started it, because we saw obama for who he truly is, a cult leader.

    We don’t care what color obama is, we could see that there was something wrong with him AND the 2008 election.  My husband and I believe it was fixed to make sure that obama was our next president. He was selected, not elected.  

    Obama supporters are cult members who are trouble makers.  They are NOT that organized to be radicals, that’s a smaller group, a dangerous group, but not the people we encountered everyday.  We have been face to face with his supporters and it’s mostly about black against white hatred and hatred toward white women.  Hillary supporters heard hundreds of times, “WE WANT A BRO, NOT A HO”.  You would only have heard this yelled at you if you were supporting Hillary out on the street.  His supporters were calling Hillary (among other horrible names) a ‘whore’, in front of women and children and calling obama their ‘brother’. His supporters were enjoying the spectacle of a black man beating up a white woman (in the polls), and it became a sport for them. 

    I worked on a TV movie called, “Ambush in Waco” and I got a close hand look on how David Koresh controlled his followers. Make no mistake, obama is a cult leader and he is controlling his supporters.  All of us (democrats) who are involved in turning the 2010 elections around, are doing what we have to do because we hate obama and what he is doing to us and our country and how he treated Hillary.  He has divided families, friends and co-workers.  We are still witnessing people clutching their hearts, glassy-eyed for their love for obama while blaming Bush.  It would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. Here in Los Angeles, with the film business, it’s especially hard because everyone is so afraid to speak out against obama in fear of losing jobs.  Jon Voight, who my husband has worked with, is the only celebrity that we see in restaurants that we can thank, but quietly, because we have become afraid to be seen against obama in public. 

    My husband and I know all about the new world order (Bilderberg Group) and we know they are using obama to control the masses with the number one way to be a cult leader ~ divide and conquer.  That is what David Koresh did, he separated the wives from their husbands and would only allow himself to impregnate the women.  As disgusting as that sounds, the men and their wives agreed because he was controlling their beliefs, he promised them a better and more fulfilling life.  
    As you know, brainwashing happens very fast, when people are ready to accept the person doing the brainwashing as looking after them, it only takes minutes.  

    Because the seeds of Bush hatred was planted years ago, obama was easily put in place as a hero to protect everyone from the big bad Republicans that supposedly destroyed the country.  Millions of americans don’t know that the Democrats have been in control of congress and if they did hear it, most people wouldn’t even know what it means.

    Obama is a cult leader and his supporters are his followers.

    One thing we all know, if Hillary had become our president, our economy would be doing just fine.  We women know, we are the ones who talk to our husbands about getting a new car, bigger home, a new kitchen, vacations, etc.  Most men, would be just as happy to stay in a cave.  I myself would be proud to have a women as our president and I would feel confident to buy things, get my hair done, and my nails and even think about starting my own business.  I’d pick up my husband’s favorite magazine on the way home and even grab a steak to cook for dinner.  Instead, we cancelled all our magazines and newspapers because they shoved obama down our throats and we can’t afford steak dinners.  Anderson Cooper, Jay Leno and Oprah are in trouble with their ratings because they shoved a fraud down our throats.  We women feel like we have a dark cloud over our heads, we don’t feel confident, in fact, we feel worried and scared.  And, because we don’t feel good about the future, we don’t spend money.  Simple as that.  We know that obama can not be trusted and in turn we are now aware of the masters controlling this puppet.  He accidently showed us the men behind the curtain, because we can see that obama is a fraud, we can only imagine that our government is also fraudulent.  As Hillary supporters, we know that it would have been better for everyone if Hillary had become our president, she clearly would have instilled confidence in the american spenders.

    My husband, children and I were intimidated and harassed by obama supporters then and we continue to be intimidated and harassed by them today. We are having to live with our decision to support Hillary (and McCain) and to be hated by obama supporters. Our lives and our children’s lives are not better for it, in fact, there are many days we wish we could go back to the way our lives use to be. But, because of our support for Hillary, we became aware and we can’t go back, we have no choice but to defend our beautiful country, the country we love.

    We will be marching on Washington DC Sept.11-12, 2010 ~ despite the threats from the New Black Panther Party and obama’s other supporters.

    • I will be Marching in DC too.
      They have not taken over the country yet my dear. We will not be silenced!
      I saw the same things you saw. Millions of us did!

      • I would love to get a chance to meet you. If you don’t mind, I’d like to give you our hotel information when we have everything confirmed. We are planning to be there 9/5-9/12/10. I have an important question to ask you. I bought the dvd that Murphy made and the only part I remember, was you crying. I believe that was you? The greatest thing Hillary Clinton did for me, was introduce me to people like you. Thanks for all your hard work.

  11. Yes. It took me some time to connect you and your sight as being the same person.
    I’m so sorry for your painful loss ~ you are a very strong woman. You are such an important person for our cause in the name of freedom and woman’s rights.
    I remember mostly from that documentary of you crying about what Hillary had done to us. Seeing the shock on your face and hearing the shock in your voice, will live with me forever. I remember feeling (that day) the exact way you were describing your feelings. Pure shock and disbelief. It took me over a year to finally not ‘feel shocked’ any longer. I knew at the time that we were ‘in way over our heads’ getting involved in politics ~ but I also knew, whether we wanted to or not, we were inside a world we couldn’t ignore. It’s like being a witness to a serious crime and being forced to testify.
    I will email you with our contact information in hopes of getting a chance to meet you. Thank you again. Best Wishes always.

  12. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

    • Thanks – I will come crosspost- let’s keep up the cry ” Can you hear us now?”

      If Glenn Beck wanted to hear real truth he would pick this up. So far – not so much. I wonder why?

      Maybe Glenn Beck hasn’t got the balls he claims to have after all!

  13. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

  14. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

  15. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

  16. […] those of us in the thick of things, paying attention, and screaming our heads off for what feels like forever to try to get the mainstream media to listen, two years feels like an eternity. But we said in June […]

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