Preserving Your Tea

Jennifer Booth

I have not made a secret of being involved in the Tea Party, I go to rallies as often as I can, and thoroughly enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. While typing this, I recall being in Washington, DC, last year for the 9/12 Tea Party, and stopping at the McDonald’s near the Capitol. It was so full that people were just standing still in the middle of the floors, eating their Big Macs. Nearly all of us had Tea Party signs, and were as happy as could be. I decided enough of that, though. I wanted to go grab up a piece of sidewalk outside, and watch the people walk by. I shared a space with a guy from Kentucky who brought his teenage son. He’d never done anything like this before. He was amazed, and was so proud to be there with his child. We talked for a half an hour like we’d known each other for years, and off we went in opposite directions. I’ll probably never see him again- but so what. They’ll remember that as part of their experience, too.

It’s been fun being part of my local Tea Party. I have been into activism for some years now, starting out supporting the troops, vets, and military families, and when I met my local Tea Party organizers, I was really impressed by their attitudes. They are most certainly engaged, organized, and passionate. They don’t just talk about things, they get things done. They are great at networking- they could most certainly manage businesses, rather than simple organizations.

Not long ago, a woman who helps organize our chapter sent out a mass Bcc email which was flagged as important. The email indicated that the linked video needed to be watched. It was a full length documentary, but with need to know information. I took her at her word; she doesn’t send out a lot of fluff. I set aside some time later that afternoon and watched it. I was pretty uneasy about it, and set out to do more research- but about the author. People who claim to have it all figured out (and especially that you don’t), should be regarded very carefully.

I had heard of Alex Jones before, but didn’t know much about him. I’d heard of Infowars, as well, but never visited the site. So I set out to see who this Alex Jones was who made this long scary video about Obama the Puppet, these wealthier-than-God banker people called Bilderburg, and the plan to basically create financial chaos over and over again (something George Soros likes quite a bit), until we all just say enough is enough and a New World Order commences. I know, you’re rolling your eyes, already. Alex Jones heralds himself such a patriot, and he is against all of this. This video is supposed to educate you about things he knows which you don’t!

I emailed the lady who sent me the video, and asked her why she was sending out this video. Did she know who Alex Jones was? Alex Jones thinks 9/11 was an inside Job. He thinks Michelle Malkin (of all people) is absolutely guilty of war crimes(of all things). This vile pig who chases this tiny lady down the streets and helped promote the Charlie Sheen-fake Obama interview, is who this woman thinks should be sent out as promoted by our local Tea Party? The Tea Party is about unfair taxes and theft by taxation, over spending, political corruption, endless bailouts, etc. Why are we embracing this kind of agenda- New World Order- under the Tea Party banner? This video was embedded in the Tea Party website for the local chapter- at the time it was on the front page. (Someone on Youtube actually called me an idiot for not knowing Alex Jones invented the Tea Party.)

She replied and said that it was indeed something that we, as a group, should be discussing. We should be getting as much information as possible. Some people think that the Tea Party should embrace these views- but some people think everyone should. The local chapter certainly thinks we should be pushing this stuff out, as if we can’t get enough education. My response to both her and another one of the organizers, was that we all had political and social issues in which we’re passionate, but they all do not belong under the Tea Party umbrella. For example, I am an avid troop supporter, and participate in many things to better serve our military. But it’s not the Tea Party’s objective, necessarily. She maintained, ending the conversation, that it was our job to watch and pay attention, and assume nothing.

I was unable at the time to really explore this further, though I did speak to a few people about this in confidence- is our Tea Party being hijacked by conspiracy theorists? One friend of mine said, yes, as a matter of fact, they’re all over our state- folks who promote this kind of stuff- under the umbrella of the Tea Party. They’re like fiscally conservative moonbats. I was then sent an article by another friend of mine, leading to the conclusion- the Tea Party is the subject of infiltration by these conspiracy theorists. The article was terribly informative, giving us a great history on some of the people involved in promoting these notions, and latching onto the Tea Party to do it, by calling themselves Patriots and Constitutionalists, etc. If you disagree, you’re a Neocon, and part of the effort to bring down the Republic.

To be sure, the Tea Party does NOT endorse these types of viewpoints. I know this for a fact as I have communicated directly with staff on the national circuit. Rather, it’s quite the opposite- these Jonesters, LaRouche-ites, and other tin-foil wearing folks latch onto the Tea Party movement because it’s easy to promote your scary world scenario to a bunch of unassuming people who want freedom. Tea Partiers desire to be free from this huge government selling out and pillaging the taxpayers. So, when a group comes along and “informs” them of a plot- with seemingly solid evidence- to take away that freedom, Tea Party people naturally want to fight against said plot. These theory junkies use simple reverse psychology to get folks to buy into theories by telling you to fact check them. They know you won’t, because they told you to do it.

It is important to be able to tell these people apart from the rest of the group. Most- the vast majority- of Tea Partiers are genuine folks- patriots who want the government to stop taking their money and squandering it. Taxed Enough Already is just simply it. They’re just people who go to work for a living, raise families and are sick of worrying about their 401(k), and what Obama is going to do to screw up their IRA’s.

How do we tell the difference between the real and the fake? Does a person at your Tea Party think the group should pursue the Obama Birth Certificate issue? Do they believe in New World Order? Do they question the possible involvement of the government in 9/11? Do they tell you that they read different conspiracy sites- but they buy into a lot of them, as well? Do they want to talk to you about different weird plots and such, to see how you feel about things? Do they insist your Tea Party pursue that kind of agenda? Do they insinuate you’re wrong when you disagree? As in, you’re really wrong and on the verge of making them agitated- are they the type to start referring to you as a Neocon, helping the regime, and other rhetorical phrases? These are things that stick out- they are all far away from what the Tea Party is about. People who wish to use their Tea Party groups to further some of these ideas, are just like the corrupt politicians who want to push their own ideas. They aren’t of us, we the Tea Partiers who just want small government and lower taxes. They’re the fakes.

The regular folks of the Tea Party movement are busy fighting for our liberties and don’t have time, nor the desire, to be swept up in what evil could be lurking, everyone is lying to us, you’re a Marxist and I’m a Nazi, used in the same way radicals throw around racism and hate, to end discusion. This infiltration attempt is nothing we’ve not faced before as a country- just ask the Russians! We need to know how to spot these fake Tea Party people, and to not be afraid to do so. It’s always okay for people to hold their individual viewpoints, but not okay for them to push that on the movement. In America, they’re free to start their own groups who can be clear about their agendas, rather than hiding under someone else’s banner.

Part of the reason the Tea Party has been so successful, is because we tend to police ourselves. Unlike the government who cares about regulations and bureaucracy, we like to keep it simple. Would that the government would take note- for the different types of Tea Parties there are (Patriots, Express, etc.), we do very well for ourselves, and are nicely organized. Before we get too comfy though, it’s important we take note of the security measures we need to adhere to, where it comes to maintaining the integrity of the movement. The Tea Party belongs to me as much as you and millions of others. It is my intention- as a typical conservative- to preserve that, and not allow it to become radicalized by crazy people. And I do not believe in being quiet about it. If the movement belongs to me, then it’s also my integrity.

Just as Americans are wont to do, we have become so inspiring that the Tea Parties have struck with people all over the world. Let’s keep it that way.


2 Responses

  1. This is an excelent article – I liked it very much and asked for permission to reblog it. I also asked :

    I do however require some clarification? As a conservative you named several viewpoints that many have attributed to the Tea Party eroneously but you did not broach some important ones that really need discussion.

    Many centertrists would like to join as would Democrats and former democrats however they do not feel welcomed because of the word Conservative and the link to Right wing religious dogma.

    You would do well to adress that issue. True Tea party should keep church and state issues separate and provide for freedom from religion and the dogma that would restrict the rights of some because of religious beliefs.

    If not you may soon find Islamic American women unable to assert their American rights due to religious laws superceeding American laws. For this reason we require the ERA- equal rights for ALL!

    The Tea party sould be asking for Equal Rights for ALL citizens of the USA and freedom from Government and churches.

  2. Good article. I have been with FreedomWorks since the beginning when nobody even knew about us. Nor did they know what TEA stands for. Last year it was MY site ALONE who brought in the millions of Patriots. It was I who worked as a Patriot 1751 hours straight. I was so proud to be part of the Protest. Can you imagine what it felt like to be part of a group that consisted of over 2 MILLION fellow Americans? It was surreal. Nobody is going to forget it.
    So, I ask this year, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Cripes, don’t give up now. Last year it was 10 people doing this now we have every state involved again WHERE IS EVERYBODY?
    WE NEED EVERYBODY IN DC, I made it as easy as I could this year with the hotels. If you want to go to Beck in August (KNOW this is not a Protest) got the rooms, 50% OFF……..expires in 3 MORE DAYS.

    If you want to go to the March in September, MANY activities and PROTESTS, your VOICE WILL BE HEARD. I have a Book It button just click onto that and make your room reservation NOW. These rooms go by by at the beginning of August, so please take advantage of these low rates.

    Hyatt is the Headquarters, once the Hyatt sells out you can stay at the Liaison across the street.

    If you have any questions please call me 1-888-512-2558.

    Thanks and Smiles,
    Joanne Griffing same site as last year and NO DONATION button, I am HERE FOR YOU!

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