Texas Two-Step vote coming up – happening now

Harriet Irby

At TEXAS STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, the RULZ committee, is getting ready to vote on doing away or keeping the Texas Two Step process–ie way for caucus voters to overrule the will of the primary voters.
Numbers on committee are stacked against us.
Head of committee sent out email earlier stating to vote to keep it because that is the way “we got Barrack Obama elected”.
Also, petition going around to get 20 percent of delegates to bring it up for a floor vote.  Can’t get number from party leaders on how many delegates are in attendance.
We brought it up in 2008 and it was tabled. 
We are trying to get One Person, One Vote.

Now Royce, is talking about using different caucuses on different days….
Muddying the waters Rec.   Simplify rules and make uniformity in terms of forms….rah rah rah,
Faith Harriet is here. They are bringing up 2 step. Trying to kill it before it reaches floor. They were working on nit-picking amendments…
Daniel Clayton has told observers that the situation is “under control” concerning the 2step. Interesting since there has been no vote overall.
Committee has tinkered with party training requirements (but not mandatory) Ignorance is STILL BLISS.
Royce is touting electronic sign in. Imagine the chaos across Texas. Bar codes for democrats!???? All of them? What will this do to build trust in the party?? Technology does NOT EQUAL DEMOCRACY. OPPS now Royce wants a new precinct convention form.
State chair vote. Boyd is opposed. Thank you grass roots democrats. Committee decided not to recess.
Royce is now “encouraging bar codes”.

Election malfeasance penalties; sending people to wrong convention, not turning in packets, stealing them etc. Royce is admitting this happened by talking about this. Committee has fortunately voted in favor of demanding legal elections but a determined minority thinks election fraud is unavoidable and it would be not nice to get tough with folks who mess with Texas elections.
Dist10 has introduces an amendment to allow absentee voting for disabilities. Committee is not going to approve. A Black delegate is amazed that this process is going to be opened to that kind of group.
Faith the Democratic Party of Texas has just voted to disenfranchise those handicapped enough to be unable to reach the caucus. So much for the elderly, disabled, and veterans. They apparently don’t need to participate. Please BLOG THIS IMMEDIATELY.


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