Texas Two Step is in Committee

Linda and Harriet (Texas Delegates (D))

In Texas, I’m at State Convention, listening to the RulzComittee decide whether or not to get rid of the TX TWO STEP, which is where the Caucus voters come back at night to “vote again” after the Primary.  It basically allows the will of the few to override the will of the many.”
Anyway, those of us that are carrying on the fight are, of course, outnumbered by those that want to keep status quo.  A letter was sent out this week to delegates, stating to “keep the Tx two-step, because that is the way we got Barrack Obama elected”.   FYI, Hillary won the primary here then “lost” the caucus.
Anyway, we are fighting on……thought you might want to know.
Wish we had some PUMA bloggers hear to really get this info. out.
Our process is illegal, but TX gets a “waiver” every year from the DNC to allow this two step to go on. 


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  1. Debating the crummy Texas 2step right now.
    Committee mostly full of party hacks. They think that it creates “activists”. Well the Obama hordes of 2008 are NOT here in Corpus. The fact is that the hybrid system in Texas politically entitles urban blacks. These districts are very safe for Black politicians.
    The process disenfranchises many other groups the disabled,veterans,elderly, but the newly politically powerful do not care.
    This is a civil rights issue and the Texas Democratic Party will hang itself by keeping this exclusionary system

    If you blog this under my name please dont edit

  2. The former blog was from Harriet.

    Now, I am blogging to you.

    Most of the people are voting AGAINST changing the two-step. The caucus voter gets 2.3 votes, as opposed to the one vote that the primary voter gets.

    One member, said she didn’t want to “suck the life out of us”, if we changed the program. One “young democrat” said, “We’re Texas, We’re not New Hampshire, we don’t want to do what they do.”

    This is soooooooo pathetic.

    Oh, good- reporters are talking to our people, specifically the attorney who has put together the petition to bring the vote to the floor.

    We want “one person, one vote”.

    “nothing motivates like when you have skin in the game”. Bringing up about Rush Lindbaugh having Republicans vote for Hillary..saying that that’s why Hilllary won the primary in TX…

    One man said he agress to one person, one vote, in the absract, the fact is “We’re not all equal when it comes to choosing the best person”.


  3. New young person to the process is leaning on getting rid of caucus.

    AA woman says it gives power to certain activists, so wants to keep it.

    AA young person asked question to crowd…”Are you here because your candidate didn’t win?

    One siad One person, one vote is a compelling notion, but that has never been part of the Democratic process? ‘Look at the electoral college”.

    Another member is saying the “caucus system helped to negate the people who really didn’t have the right to vote”.

    Says the system is “much better”..”We ae in RED state, it gives an open forum for us to share our emotions, and to help this contry be a better place”.

    Another memeber says he’s fought all his life, for visually impared, etc. and “to say for your vote to count, you must show up in oone night, at one time, regardless of the fact that you are eldery, that this caucus is condudcted in a languae that you don;t understand flys in the face of everything I have fought for for his entire life. He glot applause from the crowd. He was cut off for time

    Another lady who said she agrees with thechaning it, has a degree in political science, voted for the wining canddiae, but wnats to CHANGE the texas Two step.

    Voting now on committee…

    Here it goes, house is packed..

    crowd wants to CHANGE the system…

    Vote by hands We have a 8 To bring it to the floor, to 24 against. We have enough to write a minority report.

    Committe recommends to keep status quo. Now, one person “switched, so it is 25 to 7.

    Now, we are on the go to the floor, to try to get more signatures on the petion. We are trying to get the vote on the floor in a two fold way.


  4. Sorry just getting back to you.

    We lost! There should be an article in Saturday’s Ft. Worth Star telegram, online. Harriet saw it and called me on my way home from Corpus Christi. The RACE CARD was played, as usual.

    We got it to a vote on the floor (meaning, out of RIULZ committee) onto the main convention hall for everyone to vote on (.all the delegates)

    A few people were allowed to speak at the microphone on both sides, then they cut it off and had a rapid vote. We lost.

    I can tell you one thing I’ve learned since I have moved here…Texas Women are Tough Cookies:)

    We’re not giving up.

    Onward! –Thanks for blogging what we gave you. After you read the Ft. Worth Star telegram, if you need or want more info, contact Harriet Irby.

  5. Apparently there were a couple of good quotes in the Sunday Ft. Worth Star Telegram, regarding ‘One person, one vote”.
    As it stands now, the people that go back to caucus end up getting the equivalent of 2.5 votes to the regular primary voter’s one. That’s how the will of the few overrule the will of the many, which is what they (one’s in power here) want to keep…in the words of Royce West who held most power on Rules Committee stated in the email he sent out right before the convention …”the two-step is how we got Barrack Obama elected..”

    That about sums it up.

  6. Here is a copy of the letter our senator sent out regarding the two-step, before the convention.

    Debbie and Linda– Let everyone know, Royce West is advocating for no change.

    June 23, 2010
    Dear Democrats,
    I understand that these are lean times. The sacrifices we make to participate in the political process often result in our donation of time and financial resources. I also know that sometimes we must choose how we participate and that some of our most loyal democrats may not be able to attend this weekend’s State Democratic Convention but will be right with us, standing on the front lines come November.
    For those who are capable of making the trip to Corpus Christi , I would like to encourage your attendance and extend an invitation to actively engage in the discussions and decisions that will shape the future of our party.
    It is my sincerest hope, that you are able to join us at the State Convention this year.
    This weekend, there will be a call to change the party rules as it relates to the “Two Step” Caucus Process. Because of the “Two Step” Caucus Process, President Obama won the majority of the delegates from Texas , which spurred him on to the Democratic Party nomination. Because of the caucus, the state party was able to identify over one million democrats, many of them new, who have grown to become precinct chairs and party leaders of today.
    There will also be critical discussions pertaining to redistricting and winning back our State House of Representatives. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and I hope to see you in Corpus Christi .
    Senator Royce West

  7. Bettyjean
    I was quoted in the June 27,2010 Star-Telegram on page 6b concerning the 2Step. ” also spoke against the hybrid system,”saying that the one person, one vote concept has been the very cornerstone of our Democracy”.County Chair John Bell of Corpus Christi told fellow rules committee members that the two tier approach ” flies in the face of everything I’ve worked for as a Democrat for 30 years””
    Harriet Irby

  8. On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:35 PM, Faith Chatham wrote:

    On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 12:04 PM, linda brooks wrote:

    Now Royce, is talking about using diferrent caucuses on different days….

    Muddying the waters

    Rec. Simplify rules and make uniformity in terms of forms….rah rah rah,

    Faith Harriet is here. they are bringing up 2 step. Trying to kill it before it reaches floor. They working on nit-picking amendments…
    Dani.el Clayton has told observers that the situation is ” under control” concerning the 2step. interesting since there has been no vote overall.
    Committee has tinkered with : party training requirements ( but not mandatory) Ignorance is STILL BLISS.
    Royce is touting electronic sign in. Imagine the chaos across Texas. bar codes for democrats!???? All of them? What will this do to build trust in the party?? Technology does NOT EQUAL DEMOCRACY. oPPS now Royce wants a new precinct convention form.
    State chair vote. Boyd is opposeed. Thank you grass roots democrats.Committee decided not to recess.
    Royce is now ” encouraging bar codes”.
    Election malfeasance penalties. sending people to wrong convention, not turning in packets, stealing them etc. Royce is admitting this happened by talking about this. Committee has foretunately voted in favor of demanding legal elections but a determined minority thinks election fraud is unavoidable and it would be not nice to get tough with folks who mess with Texas elections.
    Dist10 has introduces an amendment to allow absentee voting for disabilities. committee is not going to approve. A Black delegate is amazed that this process is going to be opened to that kind of group.
    Faith the Democratic Party of Texas has just voted to disenfranchise those handicapped enough to be unable to reach the caucus.So much for the elderly,disabled,veterans. They apparently dont need to participate. Please BLOG THIS IMMEDIATELY.

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