New anti-rape female condom or a concealed weapon?


The Rape-aXe condom. The concern is once again for the criminal –it “hurts him” till it’s removed!

The victim of rape “hurts” for the rest of her life, no removing her pain.

 Some say the Rape-aX2 is a Concealed weapon”?

Since rape is an assault on the vagina of women then it only makes sense that this device must be concealed in the very place it’s designed to protect.

 Where do you put the device that protects you and your car from being victims of a crime? The car alarm is concealed in the car. The Rape -aXE is concealed in the vagina. Let rapists worry about which would be victim has a  device that protects her and her vagina from being the victims of a crime. The very thought that Rape-aXe exists maybe a deterrent to rape, a small victory for women who face the horror of rape every day. Because rape involves a man’s penis being used as a weapon, shouldn’t they be talking about his tool as a concealed weapon?  

 This device is a means for a woman to protect herself from the huge arsenal of deadly weapons that are out there.

I think of this device as a possible deterrent and as a means of self defense and as a way for a victim to disarm the weapon the attacker has chosen. Besides the above protections this device offers a woman it is also a way for a victim of a crime to collect evidence against her attacker. Most men are now wearing condoms to avoid leaving sperm and other DNA evidence behind this would alleviate that little problem.

 The proof needed to put his now “hurting” disarmed self in prison is wrapped around the weapon itself. And maybe future studies will find that it also rehabilitates rapists, or at least deters repeat offenders. Time will tell.

Yep, Rape-aXe –a weapon used to protect, disarm, collect evidence and deter the crime of rape will possibly prevent repeat offenders. 

Perfect, thank You Dr. Sonnet Ehlers.

by Myra Per-Lee 

Rape-aXe by inventor Sonnet Ehlers

 Rape-aXe.  No need to wonder what this gadget does.  Sonnet Ehlers has seen rape victims all around her – especially at the hospital where she worked as a medical researcher.  Ehlers is from South Africa, dubbed the ‘rape capital of the world,’ where a rape reportedly occurs every 17 seconds and only 8 percent of violators are convicted. 

 Ehlers remembers the eyes of a 20 year old rape victim she met at a hospital in the Northern Cape of South Africa.  Her eyes were “totally dead,” she said. But what Ehlers remembers most are the victim’s words: “If I only had teeth down there.”

Those words were the inspiration for Ehlers’ invention, the Rape-aXe, a condom-like latex sheath with razor sharp barbs that a woman wears in her vagina.  When an attacker attempts vaginal penetration, the barbs grip his penis. Men, if you’ve ever had your penis caught in your zipper, you can imagine what the Rape-aXe feels like.  

But that’s not the end of it.  Rape-aXe doesn’t let go.  When the man withdraws his penis, the Rape-aXe is attached.  It has to be surgically removed, which may prevent him from raping or doing much else with his penis again. It also will lead to his arrest!

The Rape-aXe is not painful to women.  Plus, it has the added benefit of preventing AIDS and other STDs… and is a pretty good insurance against pregnancy.

Almost 40 years after Sonnet Ehlers met the rape victim who wished she had ‘teeth down there,’ Ehlers is ready to help women all over the world protect themselves from rape.  Ehlers did not give up on her desire to help others; you don’t have to either.


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