Brilliant: Obama found an Ass to kick


I am really LMAO at the Obama/Mc Chrystal round 2 that resulted in Mc Chrystal being fired. Now I am not talking about whether or not Mc Chrystal deserved to be under the bus for talking bad about Obama and praising Hillary, because we all know that’s how we all ended up under the bus. That’s just a bad combination. Period.

 What has me LMAO is the response of the LSM and the Obots. Obama is being hailed as a “strong leader” for his ass kicking of Mc Chrystal.

 I am thinking Mc Chrystal is our own General — so Obama is being praised for kicking the ass of his own General?

Dems are overjoyed– HE did something!! WTF did he do?? He kicked the ass of his own General…BWAHAHA We have been waiting 18 months for Obama to do something and he has kicked the ass of a US General…Brilliant.

  •  Terrorists have declared Jihad on the US and are running wild trying to blow shit up.
  • North Korea is threatening us as is Iran.
  • Unemployment is in double digits.
  • The economy is in the toilet.
  • Our borders are being invaded.
  • The Oil tsunami in the Gulf has been spewing oil for 63 days destroying the economy and environment of 4 states.
  • And Obama kicks the ass of US General Mc Chrystal because he locker room talked about him and the MSM are falling all over themselves with Glee.

How much Kool-aid can possibly be out there? Obama kicks Mc Chrystal’s ass:

  • Osama Bin Laden … not so much.
  • Taliban…not so much
  • Al Qaeda…not so much.
  • Iran and North Korea…not so much.
  • Islamic Jihadists…not so much.

US General Mc Chrystal … mission accomplished. Maybe he will win another Nobel Peace Prize.


2 Responses

  1. This keeps getting better… Mc Chrystal has been replaced
    with General Patreus….remember General BETRAUS
    and…seems as if things have turned
    for Patreus….appointed by. Obama..Brilliant!!
    Appointed by Bush..not so much.


  2. Sorry it was General BETRAYUS

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