Mannequin Mastectomies: Imagine this on 5th Avenue

Barbara with a note from BJ

Just when you think Islam can’t come up with anymore bizarre misogyny…they do!! Cutting off the breasts of mannequins the new Mullah past time.

Unbelievable!!! Coming to a store near you in time for fall fashion week and the highly anticipated ground breaking ceremony of the ground zero mosque.



This is an actual photo of a women’s clothing store in Tehran. The manikin breasts have been removed on orders of the vice police during the current crackdown on “un-Islamic” bad hijab practices. Isn’t this a shocking image?
I believe volumes could be written about this. The photo was first posted here.

(Note from BJ who is shaking while typing- What’s next- zaftig women are forced to have mastectomies because Islamic men are uncontrollable even at the sight of mannequin breasts? Please in the name of sanity – there must be some happy medium between porn and scorn of women. As a women, I am at the very end of my patience of being portrayed as an object at either end of these spectrums. It is time Women who ARE the majority rise and put an end to their objectification of being no more than a sexual object of either a baby making machine or a pleasure machine! Enough- we are human beings- damned it – let us rise above this pillar to post degradation and take our place in society as the force that we are and put down this onslaught against us. Where will this end? On one hand we are degraded as sluts and on the other as slaves and beasts of burden – where do we stand that we allow ourselves to quietly allow ourselves to be pigeon holed into these positions by religion of man?)


One Response

  1. I keep thinking about girls growing up and seeing
    this horror. You can clearly see the breast have
    been removed. In the US girls grow up believing
    their valuable because of their breasts. Here we
    have girls growing up believing they are worthless
    because of their breasts.
    I agree BJ there is no happy medium it seems.
    How terribly sad for us all

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