Protesting the Ground Zero Mosque each Friday

Madeline Brooks

On Friday, June 25, from 1 – 2 PM, there will be a demonstration protesting the mosque and proposed Islamic center at 45 Park Place (the Ground Zero mosque), between Church Avenue and West Broadway.

This is a joint demonstration of ACTmanhattan, the Manhattan chapter of ACTforAmerica and the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam (HRCARI). ACTmanhattan will be handing out informational flyers explaining why Imam Rauf is not a true moderate Muslim and HRCARI will be displaying colorful banners that carry the message with bold graphics.  We believe that Rauf is practicing “gentle jihad” through lies and evasions, and that his proposed mega-mosque is an insult that will be disastrous to our city and our country.

I hope you can come!

For Our Freedom,

Radical Islam uses two kinds of jihad: flying planes into buildings and planting car bombs is just one kind.

Another method is “gentle jihad” or “stealth jihad.” This means pretending to be “nice” and to respect our values but really working to destroy us.
Deception is a main method of political Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R. use these means.

The head of the Ground Zero mosque has close and long standing ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R., which both support the terrorist group Hamas. Imam Rauf denies that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are extremist groups. He is also a prominent member of the Perdana phony “Peace” organization, which sponsored the recent flotilla packed with armed terrorists in a cold blooded provocation against Israel.

Imam Rauf blames the U.S. for the attacks of 9/11 and implies that Muslims did not do it. He wants to build a 15 story mega-mosque on the ashes of our pain at Ground Zero. He will call it Cordoba House, after a city in Spain where Muslims exploited and humiliated Christians and Jews. Rauf is a phony moderate.

Truly moderate Muslims oppose this mosque. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, “Rauf avoid(s) discourse on reform and political Islam…this project (should be) built further away from Ground Zero.” Journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury goes further, calling it “A tower of terrorism” and states, “Islamists [including political Islam] are Islam’s locomotive that takes the Islamic train on its demolition course.”

Contact your City Council person:

Call the Mayor: 311. Call the Borough President, Scott Stringer:
For more information: & HRCARI.ORG


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  1. Greeks must not be allowed to revive their tsar-build islamo-sviet temple on world trade center sacred ground! Greeks have always harbored islamosoviet terrorists. On the Thursday before Easter Greeks chant pogrom inciting Beatitudes against “godslaying lawless Jews”in Greek, but change it to “Assemby of Jews” in English. They removed American Archbishop Iakovos because he was too American and Jerusalem Patriarch Irineos because he was too friendly with Israelis. Old witches who used to work at diners until they dropped now slip “Elder Protocols” and other terror claptrap in the pews. When I was growing up priests, would bathe, shave, wear pants – Robed, bearded, stovetopped priest is terror sympathist by definition. Greece was only euronation not to vote for 1947 Israel creation. In such time of war, we should insist that any public assembly of more than ten mandatorily be only in English! We have freedom of worship and speech, but not language.

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