I am sick of the misconceptions about what happened in New Orleans in the days following hurricane Katrina. While Obama is licking his chops to use the Gulf Oil Crises to promote his radical agenda Cap and Tax before the November elections, comparisons are being made to President Bush’s handling of Katrina. As a Louisianian I would like to state some facts. Mayor Nagin was on the news night and day saying there is no building in New Orleans that can withstand this storm. You must evacuate! Did they? NO! They drove their Lexuses to the ramps of the Superdome, parked them and went on in with no food, no water, no bedding, no medications and no supplies. You see they’d done this numerous times before. They expected the government to produce all of the necessities. The black church leaders in the New Orleans area blatantly ignored the request from Mayor Nagin to assist the people in the neighborhoods to evacuate because they were ticked off at the Mayor about his handling of an incident in the French
The school busses that the news kept showing were ALL privately owned and only leased to the Orleans Parish School Board. They were not at the state or government’s disposal.
New Orleans is surrounded by water. To get there from the Northshore you must cross the twin span bridges over Lake Ponchartrain. The bridges were destroyed by the storm surge! The bridges in Mississippi were destroyed. The rest were under water!
Many of the people who died in Katrina were shot by the National Guard BECAUSE they were standing on what was left of the levees SHOOTING at the military helicopters who were trying to bring in sandbags and supplies.
Within three days of the storm George W. Bush downloaded $2000 into anyone’s bank account who got off their ass and applied for it. In addition the Red Cross was handing out food vouchers depending on the size of your family.
I could go on and on.
Unlike Katrina the oil spill was largely ignored by Obama while he entertained
Sir Paul (who owes the citizens of this country an apology) the Jonas Brothers , went golfing and instead of going to the memorial service for the 11 men who were killed in the explosion, went to a fund raiser for the disrespectful Barbara BOXER! Obama is protecting the unions by not waiving the Jones Act from 1920, George Bush waived the Jones Act within 72 hours, I believe. Obama does not have a clue about what do except what he does best, run his mouth as will be evidenced tonight on national TV. This is the 3 AM phone call that Hillary
spoke about and Obama’s Blackberry is turned off!


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  1. Well said lady in Red and as for wondering who ass he needs to kick- I could have answered that question for him on day 2 if he would have asked anyone weeks earlier.
    And as for what do we want him to do and his two options = 1- do we want him to swim down there and stop it – or 2 do we want him to suck it up through a straw?
    My answer to him is – I want you to act like the comander in chief.
    On day 1 or 2 or even 3 – call out the National Gueard and every other military – call out every boat and every scientist and cll off the jones law and do everything possible includig give the day 59 speech on da 3! That’s is what the Commander does the first week not at the dawn of the third month!
    Got that community organizer who couldn’t organize you way out of a paper bag?

    • The incompetence of this man is astounding! The speech last night was outrageous! Using the Gulf crises to advance cap and tax. I hope at least some of the DIMS will oppose this massive wealth grab considering we have our sights set on sending as many of them home as possible. send in the moving vans!

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