Hollywood’s entertainers stay away this time: Why?

Patricia Swicicki- American Thinker

Where Are the Shallow Hollywood Folks When our Country Needs Them?


The Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Jack White and Dave Grohl were among the other performers at the tribute event for McCartney. But not one new song for the dying Gulf Coast, the wetlands or the businesses! Not one!

Our Country has never been short on the number of shallow Hollywood folks expressing their “expert” opinions regarding the environment and politics. Sadly, their collective expertise, environmental concerns and concerns for their fellow man are limited by their political agendas. Collectively, they have remained quiet throughout the entire Gulf Coast disaster; the environment and humanity be damned. Not even one song for the gulf coast, the wildlife, or the people.

Following Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, the “Shallow-woods” did not miss an opportunity to stand before a microphone or camera and sponsor fund raiser concerts to aid the victims of those disasters. During the early post-Katrina days the “Shallow-wood” folks took every opportunity to denounce our government’s response time to that disaster; regardless of the inaccuracies of their claims. Sean Penn and his personal camera crews took time out from his pro-Venezuela campaigns and quickly appeared on the scene following the Katrina and Haiti disasters.

But now we have another administration, one for which the “Shallow-wood” folks raised millions of dollars and campaigned so hard to have elected. He claimed to be their “environment” president. This is their man. None of them had the forethought that their man would actually be called upon to do something during a crisis. Our Country is currently experiencing the worst environmental disaster in its history, and possibly the worst environmental disaster in the world. Pictures of oil soaked wildlife, and dead dolphins nightly appear on the news.

But where are Sean Penn and his personal camera crew? Why have NO “Shallow-woods” appeared at this disaster site as they eagerly did for Katrina and Haiti? Why have none of these people who claim to “care” about the environment even offered to sponsor a fund raiser to help with the clean-up or help the people who have lost their businesses, jobs, and soon their very homes? Why have NO “Shallow-woods” offered to speak up for the Audubon Society that is working so hard to clean and save the oil soaked birds?

Likewise, the members of the music profession, although not missing an opportunity to busy itself with private concerts and gala’s at the White House, have made NO efforts to organize any type of fundraiser for the Gulf Coast environmental clean up or to help the people suffering from this disaster.

This is the president they supported and funded and their silence regarding the Gulf Coast oil disaster is deafening, hypocritical and disgraceful. The current administration ignored the slow moving oil slick as it moved closer and closer to the Gulf Coast. Presidential campaign trips to California, campaign trips to New York City, date nights and twice weekly golf games were prioritized over the foreseeable disaster approaching the Gulf Coast. Despite this, not a word of criticism was heard from the “Shallow-woods” or music entertainment industry. Why? Their collective silence is deliberate in that to do or say something that would help the Gulf Coast and its residents would make their president look worse than he already does. The shallowness of their inactions to help their fellow Americans and help clean-up our environment demonstrates their willingness to sacrifice the Gulf Coast and its residents in favor of their own selfish “expert” political agendas.


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  1. Well its heard to say what is the exactly reason why they syat away.may be there are some political problem so that they want to leave that place.

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