Is BP Crop Dusting U.S. Population Under the Cover of Night?

BY: Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas

Grand Isle LA

Corexit is one of the deadly neurotoxins that is being continually sprayed on the Gulf oil spill. Now according to numerous witnesses, under the cover of night, this deadly chemical is being sprayed very close to if not on populations throughout the Gulf.  On Veritas Radio, James Fox and a co reporter were quoted as saying, “It is literally falling in peoples back yards, priority # 1 should be to mobilize a movement to stop the use of dispersants” In a nut shell, they are crop dusting the U.S. population with a deadly pesticide.

This is criminal. BP has hired Wackenhut private security to police the area. Apparently Wackenhut security operates outside the jurisdiction of the constitution. Wackenhut has gone as far as denying reporters their right to interview workers on the beaches and has threatened them with arrest. James Fox, a documentary film maker, has been in Grand Isle as this situation unfolds. Fox also rented a plane and has done an overflight of the area to document the massive oil plumes. As the spill progresses, the situation is becoming more and more like Katrina, yet we still have not be able to document the Federal governments use of FEMA. One must question if we will we see XE, formerly known as Blackwater, in and around the area attempting to disperse populations and confiscate guns.

How long will it take for people to start dropping like fly’s in the area, due to exposure to the deadly chemical known as Corexit?  Not to mention all of the other extremely poisonous gasses and oils that are present throughout the Gulf. There are now reports coming out of Florida, of dead fish by the masses as well as oily chemicals in the rain. People must become informed on the ever evolving situation in the Gulf as the media has established a blackout of the truth.

There is a confirmed military presence in Grand Isle La. The Armies official website, announced that the military is in the planning process for the evacuation of the gulf. There are estimates circulating around the world that the pressure from the leak is around 70,000 PSI and can not be stopped with current technology. This could be the reason why Obama sent in nuclear specialists during the early stages of the spill.  The only option now might be to move forward with an IND or “Improvised Nuclear Devise.” No matter what solution is put forward, the fact remains the same. Corexit is a known neurotoxin that isn’t going anywhere, with or without an oil spill to use as cover. One has to wonder when the first Hurricane will roll through the gulf, splashing oil and dispersant throughout the coastal states.

The POTUS (President of the United States) is expected to address the nation Tuesday after his trip to Grand Isle.

Note: Anyone along the coastal regions of the Gulf should contact us with any information pertaining to this subject. Patriots around the world need to work together to break this media blackout and get the word out.

You may also be interested in this video From Col Mosby:

June 13, 2010 — We were on our way to document a BP protest in Orange Beach Alabama. When we arrived at the location, we found that it was taken over by someone else.BP?

There were military helicopters flying over, local police, fire dept, some weird security, EPA, Coast Guard, and a few others. Quite strange for all this just to clean the beaches and this was roughly 200 miles east of New Orleans.

I have a friend who is President of ABATE of LA I have known Since Katrina. He is a Vet as well. He has something he shared with me. In LA the media is being blocked. I have a YouTube video of the Wackenhut doing just what Mr. Fox is saying. in AL. They are not allowing people on the Beach and you can see Commanche Choppers overhead.

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