By: BettyJean Kling

I am surprised the any news covered this but I do not know why this did not get national coverage.

What is going on in this country when our flag is disrespected and when our veterans are insulted and no one does a thing. Had this been the other way round it would be all over the news but let anyone insult and American – or our flag – and no one seems to care! N wonder we are being treated like pushovers! Shame on the government and the media- I guess it is up to the citizens thru the Tea parties to Stand Up for the good ol USA and all who died for it !


2 Responses

  1. BJ, just so you know, that is a very old video. It happened over a year ago. It was in the news when it happened.

  2. It’s good to see this video again, as a reminder that the agenda of criminal aliens and organizations like La Raza, Nation of Aztlan, and the Brown Berets are ethno-separatist groups that despise our country. I’ve lived in the Southwest enough, most recently in Tucson, to know the true agenda of these groups and the criminal aliens who support them.

    Gov. Brewer needs to make a video roll call of the MANY Americans in AZ who have been murdered, raped, robbed, and pillaged by illegals just in the past five years. If people think the rancher was the only one killed, they have another think coming!

    We need a version of SB-1070 in every state, especially here in Jersey, the breeding ground for terrorism (because not all criminal aliens are Mexican), where a person can’t even get a bank teller job if they’re not bilingual and where I see American construction workers sitting unemployed because of law-breaking companies and individuals who hire illegal, unskilled low-balling labor.

    ICE should deputize state and local officials to enable them to seek out and FINE businesses and private citizens who hire illegals. The fines should fill the coffers of the boroughs in which the crime is occurring. And NJ should enact a 1070 and take it even further: cut off all freebies to illegals. Charity Care $ get funneled from programs like Medicaid to pay the medical bills of criminals. Property taxes are raised to help educate the kids of criminals. It has to stop. American citizens who are dependent through no fault of their own (disabled vets, developmentally & physically disabled, the elderly…) are being hurt by the cuts.

    You want your anchor baby educated? Pay tuition! You need medical care, pay for it. And if you skip out, we should send the hosp bill to the feds, who should subtract the money from the billions in aid to Mexico and pay the provider.

    Any foreigner who truly loves and wants to be a part of this country will emigrate via the legal process and will then ASSIMILATE. But I assure you, most Mexicans arriving illegally hate the USA. We “stole” their land, and they’re coming to retrieve it. Let’s conveniently or in our ignorance of history ignore that in 1848 we paid $15 million and additionally expunged over $3 million of Mexico’s debt to the USA, per Article XII of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It’s the object of the anti-American ethno-separatists to take as much as they can from Americans.

    We WILL make it stop!


    P.S. Muslims are steadily converting the idigenous Tarahumara Indians to Islam, and they and their fundamentalist radicals are among those who slip through our porous borders. AND, the ecological damage being done to the Tucson sector of the Sonora Desert should rightly be sparking the ire of environmental groups, but nary a peep. Like so many feminist groups, they’re a bunch of hypocrites.

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