What’s Obama doing?


Ten golden stars to the winner!

This photo was taken last week of President Obama squatting on a beach in Louisiana, this was his second visit to the gulf coast since the oil tsunami began 51 days ago. Hard as I try I can’t figure out what he is doing? This is all I can come up with. Maybe our readers can come up with better- so we will give 10 golden stars to anyone who can come up with a better one than I did. I’ll start!

 Is he?  

A. Writing his name in the sand, writing his next novel, writing the guest list for his next party?

B. Burying a message in a bottle, burying his Nobel Peace Prize, burying his campaign donations from BP?

C. Looking for sea shells on the sea shore, looking for a sea turtles ass to kick, looking for a reason to blame Bush?

D. Building a sand castle, building a teleprompter, building an oil rig platform closer to shore?

E. Searching for sea glass, searching for his lost papers, searching for a place to plant a sea weed garden for Michelle?

F. Digging for more oil? Digging for an answer to stop more oil from flowing, digging a hole to bury himself?

G. In deep thought, in deep prayer, in deep shit?  

Anyone know?


19 Responses

  1. I know – I know! He is letting out a fart! did I win – did i win?

  2. LOL…question is does the Messiah deal with body
    functions as do mere mortals?

    Thinking maybe he is digging UP the Final results
    of the Democratic party primary? He wants
    OUT and has a way OUT…”HILLARY WON, so I am
    Outta here”

    We could only Hope for that Change.

  3. He is definately writing in the sand, doing a bit of Brit bashing

  4. Looking for the Birth Certificate…

  5. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

    This will stop the oil flow

  6. SO I am still trying to figure out how the oil spill is President Obama’s fault? Also his response to the crisis is much better than bush’s response to Katrina.

    • The oil spill is not Obama’s fault, except to the extent that his administration was apparantly lax in oversight of offshore drilling. But doing everything possible to limit the damage to the American coastline is and was his responsibility, and he has failed miserably. If he had been as concerned with containment and cleanup as he has been with managing his image, instead of delegating that to the same company that caused this spill to begin with, we might not be facing an environmental disaster of this magnitude.

  7. as for what he’s doing in the photo, it looks like he might be assessing the damage to the beaches with someone. Im sure there are tar balls on the beach just like the ones that have washed ashore in florida.

    • Frank
      I am thinking you win the prize… He’s looking at
      Tar Balls!! I didn’t even think of that since there
      are no reports of Tar Balls in Louisiana, only in
      Florida, you see Louisiana is wishing they only
      Had Tar balls to contend with, Louisiana is
      Dealing with an Oil Tsunami because BP was
      Given permission to drill 5,000 feet without a
      Safety plan.
      But Hey Frank, let’s not split hairs.
      You say Tar Balls, I say Tsunami!!
      I say Gulf Obama says Golf.

      BJ we have a winner

    • I guess he is bringing those tar balls back to his
      Bat cave so he and Robin can run them thru the
      Bat computer for Bat analyze.

  8. Maybe somebody told him that tar balls are an acceptable substitute for the real thing. Or he could just be trying to figure out who those big boots he’s wearing belong to. They sure don’t look like they fit him very well.

  9. In an interview with POLITICO’s Roger Simon, President Barack Obama said Friday that some members of Congress should share the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    So to the fool who didn’t want us to blame Obama – how does dear Frank Mercer explain Obama blaming it on Congress?

    I’m waiting?

    This guy is the Great Blamer!

  10. I got it now – I figured it out – I know I got it now – he is doing this:

    Eeeny meeny miney Moe-
    Who can I blame next for the flow?

    I win – I win – that is what he is doing . He keeps going back to the shore and comming up with a new target to blame every time he goes back !

    Comeon everybody did I win ?

    Ok – I will prove it- Just watch – he will have another meeting tomorrow and he will blame someone else right after that one- you’ll see – I am right – he is figuring ourt who to blame next!

  11. Obama is doing what he does best, he is voting present!

  12. We have a winner. BJ step right up and collect your

    Sorry you lose….again

  13. Our next awarding of stars will be to the person
    Who identifys who Obama will blame next?

    Put on tour thinking caps….cause the field is
    wide open!

  14. We all know that he is full of shit . In fact, he is so inexperienced at taking a dump and being a leader that he forgot to pull his pants down.

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