Impromptu Protest in DC featuring Nancy Pelosi 6/9 at 7 PM

Impromptu Protest in DC at Democratic Fundraiser featuring Nancy Pelosi
June 9th – 7 p.m. – Liason Hotel

There is a formal dinner being hosted by Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Wednesday night, June 9, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Liaison Hotel, 415 New Jersey Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20001.

Currently, many Democrats are refusing to have town halls. They are elected by us, We the People, yet they refuse to meet with us. They are hiding from their constituents like the cowards they are.  And they are hiding for good reason as they continue to refuse to vote as the majority of Americans want them to vote.  They know they have angered the voters, and they do not want to see you.  But we will not let them hide…and especially when they are busy trying to raise money so they can continue to vote against the will of the people

One of our National Coordinators, Mike Gaske will be present as protesters begin gathering in front of the hotel at 6:15 p.m.  Join us to remind the Democrats that we do not want Cap and Tax to pass, we want the government takeover of health care repealed and replaced, and we want fiscal responsibility restored in our federal budget.  Bring your signs, your voices, and your usual good behavior. 

If you are able to attend this impromptu protest to email Mike Gaske to let him know you will be there (

Oh and in case you missed it, Speaker Pelosi was heckled and protested at a progressive conference.  These are people who are normally are her side.  According to new reports, people were “throwing stuff.”  To our knowledge, while we have made our voice heard, we have not thrown anything at Speaker Pelosi or any other elected official.  We thank you for representing all of your fellow Tea Party Patriots well while exercising your First Amendment Rights without stooping to the level of throwing stuff as the progressives have.


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  1. I have to admit that I would love to throw something at her, but I won’t stoop to her level. We will get them where it counts, in the voting booth.

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