More Stop the 911 Mosque Rallies planned

By Madeline Brooks

The rally on Sunday, 6/6, at Ground Zero, was a great success!  About 8,000 people attended, some of them coming from as far away as the West Coast. The theme of the day was the grave insult posed to us by attempting to plant a huge monument to Islamic triumphalism right on the sorrow of our mass graveyard. A plan was revealed to sue the federal government to designate the site of the planned mosque as a war memorial.

For full coverage of the rally, see

 The battle continues!

Another rally is planned this Saturday, 6/12, 2PM, at McKinley Park in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.  I will be one of the featured speakers and there will also be an open mike.  The rally will be sponsored by the Brooklyn Tea Party.

Also, there are leaf letting sessions going on in front of the mosque every Friday from 1PM to 2PM.  The mosque is at 45 Park Place, between Church Avenue and West Broadway.  For a briefing and to be supplied with fliers, contact Madeline Brooks at  This is an excellent way to get involved and to join the team afterwards for fellowshipping over a bite to eat. 

For Our Freedom,
Madeline Brooks
Chapter head of in Manhattan


2 Responses

  1. “Raising the Flag of Allah”
    Second mosque seeks to build at ground zero.

    Masjid Manhattan… the website appealing for donations boldly states that it plans to “build the ‘House of Allah’ next to the World Trade Center. Help us raise the flag of ‘LA ILLAH ILLA ALLAH’ in downtown Manhattan.”

    Today when you go to the Masjid Manhattan web site as linked in the fox article you will see they have taken down the quote from above, but it was there, I swear.
    They have replaced it with a disclaimer(of course) and this…
    “Insha’Allah, hand to hand we will build our Masjid riba free and in accordance to the Islamic Shariah. Insha’Allah” !

    “Help us build the House of Allah and He will build one for you in Jannah”

    In the article Who is Hamas? The Hamas charter stated their goal was to “raise the Flag of Allah over Palestine” I asked the question “where does flag raising for Allah end? Palestine? New York City?

    • Thanks for posting! I didn’t see this! I can’t believe it! I am posting on facebook and alerting my family and friends!

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