Misogynistic hit piece continues onslaught against female candidates that must be stopped!

Last week we endured Buz and his full page ad telling us to toss Jan Brewer out of Arizona because they need a Real Man to solve that border problem and now we have a friend of a pedophile accusing his opponent of not being a big enough little girl to fill her own red stilettos ( that serves a double message)! Sarah is a Cunt, Hillary is a Bitch, Michelle Bachmann is insane and no one is safe unless they play the good old boys game exactly as they are told to play – if and when they are told to play! I think it is time for the majority to rise and say ENOUGH! DoYaThink?

By: Melody Howard

Is This the Most Misogynistic Hit Piece You’ve Ever Seen?

In 2008, Senator Dennis Nolan testified as a “character” witness for his friend, and campaign staffer Gordon Lawes, who was being tried for raping the 16 year old sister of his wife, who was allegedly passed out drunk in Lawes’ home. Senator Nolan believed his friend was innocent and the sex was consensual, thus he testified to Mr. Lawes character. The jury convicted Mr. Lawes in less than 2 hours and he is currently serving 10 years to life in prison.

This should have been the end of the story; however, Senator Nolan then filed an Affidavit with the Supreme Court on behalf of Mr. Lawes’ appeal, claiming that the District Attorney’s office tried to intimidate Nolan into “tempering his testimony for a family friend accused of sexual assault.”

State Sen. Dennis Nolan has filed a sworn affidavit accusing the district attorney’s office of intimidating him into tempering his testimony for a family friend accused of sexual assault.

The three-page affidavit is the heart of a motion for a new trial for 27-year-old Gordon Joseph Lawes, who was convicted in District Court in July despite Nolan’s testifying on Lawes’ behalf. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2009/jun/19/lawmaker-das-office-used-intimidation/

Elizabeth Halseth filed to run against Dennis Nolan for the State Senate this year. Dennis Nolan is considered to be one of the most liberal voting “Republicans” in the State Senate. Upon filing, Tim Anderson (the victim’s father) contacted Elizabeth with the story of his daughter being raped by Mr. Lawes, and Senator Nolan’s testimony on behalf of Lawes’ character. Elizabeth was also the victim of a sexual assault as a teenager, yet still spent well over a month investigating Mr. Anderson’s story, including reading the trial transcripts. On May 17th she began airing radio ads in which Tim Anderson says, “What kind of a person defends a child rapist who sexually assaults our kids?”

Shortly thereafter, on a local political television interview, Elizabeth was stunned to be on the defense of airing such an attack ad against a sitting Senator who was “subpoenaed” and forced to testify on his friend’s behalf. (In my opinion, no defense attorney in his right mind will subpoena anyone as a character witness if they don’t know exactly what they will say, but again, that’s just my opinion.) Senator Nolan again reiterated that the sex was consensual and he believed his friend was innocent.

On May 26th the Las Vegas Review Journal published an article in which Senator Nolan called the victim’s sister:

An audio recording of a telephone call in which state Sen. Dennis Nolan tells a Las Vegas woman that it could be “very financially beneficial” if she would tell the truth about a rape case involving one of his friends was released Wednesday by his primary opponent.

He further stated:

“The only information I have is from a guy who is locked up,” Nolan said. “No one else believes him. I have to find a way to get at the truth. It infuriates me. I do not know if it could be much worse for me.”

Senator Nolan stated he was not trying to bribe the girl, only get at the truth, that their father was abusive and forced both young women to falsify testimony.

Nolan said Anderson has custody of the children of the victim’s sister and would try to cut off her visitation rights if she tells the truth and talks to him.

You can read the full story (and listen to the taped call) here.

After all this, Senator Nolan posted an “AN OPEN LETTER TO MY CONSTIUENTS [sic], FAMILY AND FRIENDS REGARDING ACCUSATIONS OF ATTEMPTED BRIBERY AND DEFENDING RAPISTS” which is no longer posted on his website. In this letter Senator Nolan states:

Knowing this young lady, reading the case and observing her behavior before and after the incident, I am compelled to believe the sex was consensual. She was very sexually active and, according to court records, had an abortion just two weeks prior to the alleged sexual assault (this is now public record). Was it right? NO!

You can read the entire letter here.

Again, opinion, although I’ve never had an abortion (although I have had miscarriages), I have had friends who have, and I have to believe that having your guts sucked out of you does not exactly make you “frisky” after only two weeks.

Which brings me back to the hit piece that was dropped in Senate District 9. There is no “paid for by” information on the entire piece. There is also nothing on Dennis Nolan’s website stating he does not support it as of 10:53 p.m. Sunday, June 6, 2010. Most of it focuses on the fact that Elizabeth and her husband filed bankruptcy in 2003 and fair game in politics, but the red high heels and little girl feet filling them on ¼ of the hit piece seems out of place, and highly inappropriate, from a man who is banking his future on defending a man convicted of raping a teenager.

Our primary in Nevada is Tuesday, June 8th, and I’m praying Elizabeth wins this – silently used to be because I felt Senator Nolan just didn’t represent conservative values, but openly now because I feel this man has no business writing laws that affect women, rape, and what is construed as “consensual” in our State.

For more information on Elizabeth Halseth, please visit her website at: http://www.elizabethhalseth.com/index.html


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