Democrats shut down debate on cutting their pay raises.

The YouCut citizen movement is making a difference – across the country and inside the Capitol. We have heard from over 520,000 voices putting Washington on notice that now is the time to get spending under control.

Rep. Michele Bachmann offered this week’s winning cut on the House Floor; an amendment to eliminate a pay raise for federal government employees – including right here in the Capitol – saving the taxpayers over $30 billion.

The Democrats gaveled it down from the Speaker’s chair, shutting down debate. The reason the Democrat Majority gave? It would prevent federal workers on Capitol Hill from getting a pay raise, so it could not be considered. That is literally the reason they gave. It is astounding, and an affront to every small businessperson and struggling family across this country.

The up-or-down vote was clear, the majority in the U.S. House voted to allow pay raises for non-military federal employees, while the rest of the country is facing pay cuts. Click here to see where each Representative stood on this vote.

By forcing YouCut votes, backed with your support, we are beginning to change the culture here in Washington. We will not stop until we have brought spending under control.

The next five cuts are already posted on the YouCut website. Many of the items were submitted – including this week’s winner – by people just like you, who want to see Washington halt its runaway spending.

You are making your voice heard loud and clear in your nation’s capital – together, we are making history.

Eric Cantor
House Republican Whip

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