A New Vision: A Tribute to Hillary Rodham Clinton

TMU thanks TNA along with Lynn Forrester and her Family for this wonderful tribute to Hillary. This video is an inspiration and it is an obvious non partisan video that meets TMU standards and goals perfectly. Hats off to all those who participated and we especially thank Amy Siskind for the opportunity to share this with our readers.

3 Responses

  1. I had the honor of seeing this film live.
    It made me cry then as it did now.
    We must NEVER FORGET!!
    Thank you TMU for bring this to your site.
    It is a film that on May 31st,2010(2nd Anniversary of PUMA), needs to go viral.
    Although the movement died; but hopefully; we the doors for the movements of today:

  2. T,
    We were there! I traveled with her from state to state – I was in DC at that meeting – I was in Denver – I was in the states she land-slided when the delegates abandoned her anyway– the punk bastards.

    I was there carrying the signs – I had her sign my book she wrote and she called when my daughter was shot! I was there to watch him take the stage in Denver and peeled off my shirt to uncover the NOBAMA tee under it!

    I was again in DC at that beautiful Library when she looked out and called me one of the 18 million cracks and I cracked 18 million tears!

    I was there to see the historic placement of our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION POTUS in place of the woman who really won that election.

    PUMA = people united means action or (party united my ass) may be dead but you and I stand united to break the back of a corrupt government.

    May we never forget may31 2008 and may we never forget Hillary Rodham Clinton and the fight she fought. She fought to the death and to the very end and until they forced her out even while we were still voting her in.

    Her politics is not the point of the continued debate- the destruction of our democracy and the sanctity of our vote IS!

  3. And one more thing- If more women – whatever our politics had half the guts of Hillary and Sarah and stood together – these political bastards would not be runnig things and we would not be beaten, killed , silenced , sexualized , etc.
    No if we would just stand the hell up – we the majority would rule! Remember – we get the government we deserve- we have no one to blame but ourselves – for we the women of this USA are the majority
    Image what we and the men who love and respect us and our Constitution could do to turn this country around! IMAGINE!

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