Parental stupidity and hyper sexualization gone crazy

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Show after show after show is talking about the little dancers ranging in age from 7-9. The 9 year old girl’s parents appeared on GMA as if making the troop appear to be composed all 9 year olds would make this a bit better. They also tried to pass this off appropriate since it was a private showing not meant to go viral. They also denied the girls ever saw the dance performed by Beyonce and I am sure they would also deny these girls would ever dare dance this way to that tune at the public pool should someone drop a quarter in the Juke box huh?

If you bought even one of these ridiculous lines of bullshit, you absolutely missed the point that we are normalizing our youth to being hyper sexualized! We cannot keep our children from seeing, or hearing this unless we raise them in a cave. It is everywhere! They can’t miss it unless they are deaf dumb and blind or in a coma! And that is our fault- we have allowed this to come to this point all in the name of free speech and art! We as woman have no stood up and demanded to be respected as more than sex objects and now our children are reaping what we have sown. Just today Elizabeth Smart testified against one of her abductors. She stated under oath that she was abducted from her bed and raped daily for nearly a year. Our daughters are not safe at home in their own beds, another girl was just rescued after 18 years and two children later – she was taken from a bus stop. Others were taken raped and buried alive. Jon Benet raped and murdered in her home on Christmas day.

From the minute our children are born, girls are normalized to be sex objects and it is clear both to the female and to the male child! I don’t care how you think you are raising your children – they are being bombarded by greater forces and they are being

For the parents on GMA to have said their children never saw Beyonce is not only foolish but to say they saw this dance on chipmunks missing the point and insults us as if that was normal. Moreover, it tells the entire story of just how objectified females have become – that a mother can say that with a straight face as if it were an intelligent statement!

As if female chipmunks once personified would necessarily be hyper sexual of course! Or is it just normal for little human girls to behave like hyper sexual female chipmunks? It’s called transference. These two parents are just too stupid for words- imagine saying the girls thought they were acting like chipmunks!

The girls know damned well what they were doing- they were acting like Girls – that is the problem! Besides for some parents and churches telling them the antithesis, everything – absolutely everything else is screaming – SEX OBJECT!

Wake up America! Most girls and most Boys now think this IS the way GIRLS are supposed to act! Get you head out of your ass and do something about it!

Just remember – when these little girls go to the town pool in their bathing suits as Dad said – “the costumes are no worse than they wear at the pool” (his words not mine) – and start dancing to “the hit songs of the pop culture playing on the radio” (moms words not mine), these girls will be dancing around the pool in their bathing suits to those songs the only way they know how to dance.

If you don’t think so -Gimme a break!

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