Draw Prophet Muhammad Day

BettyJean Kling

Muslims cannot and should not draw or make an image on Muhammad but they cannot or should not threaten to kill non Muslims for making an image of him either. I have been doing some research of what might happen today and here is what I have found and how I decided to contribute.

I refuse to be forced into submission by Muslims under threat of death and therefore will participate. I also find it just as despicable that others would taunt Muslims by drawing Muhammad as a pig or some cartoon in order to incite them. I am personally repulsed his teachings and am infuriated by the killing his followers conduct without breaking a sweat, or their willingness to die and take innocent others with them, however, I choose to fight against these things without resorting to childish drawings which may result in having innocent people bombing in Times Square.

While I will participate today and will participate in educating others in the dangers of radical Islam, I will also participate in bringing you a YouTube which I hope is an honest Muslim doing his part to ask for unity between Non radical Muslims. At The Majority United, we want to unite with the peaceful Muslims. Let’s hope this guy is one and this video is sincere.

Calling on all peacefull Muslims to understand that while they expect us and we understand and we will not draw foolish cartoons of their Prophet out of  respect – we expect them to stand with us on June 6 and forevermore and oppose this Mosque at this site to show respect for us!

Join us on June 6, in NYC while we PROTEST  911 MOSQUE at the World Trade Center.

Monday May 31, 2010: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freemenow/2010/06/01/empowering-woman-to-unite-and-mobilize

Meet Madeline Brooks, Contributor at American Thinker, Author “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAMIC JIHAD: Information The Mainstream Media Is Not Giving You”, and Instrumental in planning the protest of the 911 Mosque.  Join US


5 Responses

  1. yea that’s pretty CRAZY ! I would bet anything tried would be tore down in the dark of night. Karma would be BIG on that site. Just saying!


  3. But where is all my support for a way to handle this?

    Instead we either did nothing or drew stupid and insulting cartoons – sexual insults and did nothing to demand respect.

    In fact what we did was slip to their level and appear to prove to be infidels in their eyes.
    I don’t get Liberals- they ask for it they are just as stupid as these wack jobs!
    Neither has the brains to put this to good use! Pity! I will be in NYC on 6/6 which by the way is also an important date to Muslims and has meaning to them just as the 911 has meaning to us.

    Apparently that is the day the prophet entered a city in conquest and it would be befitting that we prevent him from entering the 911 site.
    Now would that be better than childish drawings of him being porked up the gazoo?

  4. Dear who ever wrote this article….

    you’r article seem so sweet and smart and i can see that it was written from an educated person, and you have a great thinking capacity into no finishing time with childish drawings but instead act smarter than those dummies who draw these things and start participating in showing your views in a more obvious way.
    the problem here is that you have a very little knowledge about the greatness of prophet mohammad Peace be up on him, and you have gained some little information that you type of people just learn it to insult islam with it, so this is my suggestion to you.
    since your smarter than those dummies that draw childish drawings to insult Islam with it, why don’t you use your brain capacity to learn more about our prophet, try to find out the real and the most correct information
    try to look at Islam and prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him) in a positive way and read about him well.


    • I appreciate your comment, however, I know all I care to know about your religion and your prophet. I am a women and I am quite comfortable being a women in my own religion where I am considered an equal as a human being. I neither hide nor exhibit my body any more than a man does and I honor my maker in whose image I am made. I honor all human beings who are made in God’s image – my God is a loving God who says thou shall not kill, not bear false witness against they neighbor, and most importantly that shalt not have any false God before me.

      Do you not know that there is but one GOD? The God that created heaven and earth and that this one GOd was at the begining? Therefore Sir it is not right for you to try to sway me away from God in heaven – the God that made all and the creater himself of mankind to follow a mere man that you claim is a prophet . God forbid! I am confused sir. What is a mere prophet compared to GOD?

      I await you reply sir to this question.

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