Protest 911 Mosque in NYC on June 6

Monday May 31, 2010:

Meet Madeline Brooks, Contributor at American Thinker, Author “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAMIC JIHAD: Information The Mainstream Media Is Not Giving You”, and Instrumental in planning the protest of the 911 Mosque.  Join US


10 Responses

  1. I will be there
    My sign will say

    Everything I needed to learn about Islam
    I learned on September 11, 2001

  2. I will join you make me the same sign

  3. […] Join us on June 6, in NYC while we PROTEST  911 MOSQUE at the World Trade Center. […]

  4. under certain circumstances the tragedy 911 is certainly a tragic for all people…but there are lots of evidence showing that WTC actually can withstand the impact of plane without crashing down…all the evidence is provided in a video made by Dylan Avery…Islamic people dont believe killing people is necessary to spread the teaching…Barbara, i hope u don’t bring a perspective like that as there is islamic people who live peacefully, and some which are straying away from our teaching…911 is a planned act, alongside with the pentagon which is hit…bomb is used to crumble the 911…only a bomb can produce shockwave which counted 2 on richter scale…Thats all i can say…

    • So, what are you implying? Is this like a Holicost denial or something?

    • WRONG THERE is no such thing as “Peaceful Islamic Person” Their religion prevents them

      The WTC was NOT built using the Port Authority code NOT NYC building or the NJ codes as NYC would have not been cost effective according to the PA

      NYC building was way to stringent with the fire protection and fire proofing of stairwells and general building design

      the WTC was also built during the Jimmy Carter administration where incompetence was on the rampant and lots of pay offs in the contracting industry.

      Carter also forced the unions to hire people from third world countries if they wanted any federal funding regardless of their lack of training.

      The Twin towers would never have passed a building code no matter how lax that is why the Port of Authority by passed all state /federal codes and claimed “sovereign immunity” must like the post office..

      Typical Muslim spewing bull shit about something they know nothing about.. These non believers only know how to rape /plunder like the Turks did with the Armenian’s

      These pig headers still live in caves wipe their asses with bare hands and and talk about Allah yet with all their oil money they do not even try to do some good in the world.

      Only schooling they teach is how to send their children with a bomb to bomb innocent people in civilized countries as these are the scum of the earth scorn of the sub human race

  5. or is thar Holocaust?

  6. They are not going to do anything with the building EXCEPT possibly use it to store bomb making materials as Assembly Jeffery Dinowitz has suggested in an E mail to me as he said “it may fall into the wrong hands as he is against home centers that sell pipe and fittings and propane as Mr. Dinowitz is out to protect NYC in spite of Sell out Chuck Schmuer and Elliot Enge

    Jeffery is going to make sure these Muslims are kept under close supervision.

    Jeffery has the nations back with search warrants already (possibly) in the works

    Al of the above is in my humble opinion as Jeffery Dinowitz protecting the citizens from these mongrels ape worshiping bastards

  7. It’s quite understandable as Americans that we are extremely saddened and angered by what happened on 9/11 in 2001. That is a tragedy that struck into the heart of our nation and shook the very foundations of our society. That being said, the 9/11 attacks were carried out an organization of religious fanatics that the majority (over 75%) of Muslims deny and call sacrilegious. The people who carried out the attacks were brainwashed by some very clever, greedy, and incredibly insecure people (i.e. Osama bin Laden and KSM, amongst others.)

    I have many Muslim friends from countries of varying traditions (two from Afghanistan, one from Pakistan, and three from Morocco) all of which denounce the attacks as not only crimes against humanity but against THEIR faith. In this country we have not only a separation between church and state but the freedom of religion. As granted, we also have the freedom of speech as well as the freedom to peacefully assemble. All granted to us American citizens by the First Amendment.

    Therefore, unless the building doesn’t meet local, state, and federal building, safety, fire, or health codes, only then does the state have the power to interfere with the building of the mosque. The state therefore has no right to impede the building of the mosque for other reasons such as unpopularity and reasons of hatred.

    I do acknowledge that building of a Muslim house of worship so close to the site of a such a terrible event caused by extremists could and would offend the families of those victims. However, they are completely, and legally, entitled to build there. The problem lies in who’s worse to offend, the Muslim world or the families of the victims. It is common knowledge that a memorial is planned to be raised at the mosque to symbolize the acknowledgment that those attacks were carried out by people who called themselves Muslim, and who forever have thrown a dark mark on Muslims in the minds of Americans.

    It is up to us Americans therefore to be open minded and realize that we cannot put a stamp on all Muslims because of an increasingly smaller and smaller group of fanatics. We must realize that it is up to us to show the world that no matter the reasons we can be objective and logistical about the decisions we make.

    I know I’ll get flak for this, but it’s true. If we cannot open our eyes and follow through with what our founding fathers had intended, then we’ll be the largest group of hypocrites on the planet. We need to be the example instead of denouncing it.

    – “The day we die is the day we become silent about the things that really matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Under any other circumstances I am with you 100% but under these circumstances – in my heart I believe they are counting on us doing exactly what you suggest.

      Also under these circumstances – perhaps it is up to them to move up a few blocks and prove to us they have the best of intentions considering – it is us who were devasted and it is us who stand to loose.

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